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DIY handicrafts
Crafts from pasta - 15 ideas for adults and children
Did you know that macaroni can not only be eaten, but also used to create a nice decor for home and children's handicrafts? Further in the article you will learn 15 ideas for the use of various shells, bows, spirals and tubes for children and adults.
Growing basil on the windowsill
How to grow basil on the windowsill
Basil - champion home garden. After all, it is so easy to grow it, besides it is tasty, fragrant and very cute looking. In this article, you will find everything about growing basil in a pot on a windowsill.
Dining area design
The decor and design of the dining area
How to make the kitchen become the center of gravity for households and guests? In our opinion, it is quite beautiful to arrange the dining area! We present 8 tips and 50 photo ideas of its decor further in the article.
Dryer for dishes
A guide to choosing a dryer for dishes
Choosing the perfect dish dryer - built into the cupboard, the delivery note on the sink or the table top with the help of useful tips and photo examples
How to sharpen a knife
How to sharpen a kitchen knife - 7 steps for beginners
There is nothing more annoying in the kitchen than a dull knife. Not only does it complicate the work and spoil the look of the products, it also becomes more dangerous. Further in the article you will find step by step and clear instructions for sharpening a knife with a grinding block and not only.
carpet in the interior of the kitchen
Guide to choosing carpets and rugs for the kitchen
Is a carpet in the kitchen a harmful “dust collector” or a practical and beautiful accessory? We find out why a carpet is needed in the kitchen, and we also give practical advice on how to choose a practical and non-branded covering with step-by-step instructions and 30 photos of carpets and rugs in the interior.
Table setting - theory and practice in 6 steps
We study table setting at home with the help of a 6-step lesson and inspire 50 photos of beautifully decorated tables. We study the basic principles and understand which rules can and should be violated, and which rules should be strictly followed.


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