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Refrigerator decor
8 ways to decorate the refrigerator
We paint, paint, decorate with stickers, paste over with a film or decorate a refrigerator using the decoupage technique, and also inspire ourselves with a selection of 80 photos of super-modifications of the technique with our own hands.
Crafts in the form of roosters
6 ideas of crafts in the form of roosters
Choose one of the 6 step-by-step master-classes on making crafts in the form of cockerels with your own hands for the New Year 2017, Easter, or just to decorate the interior.
DIY garland
How to make a garland with your own hands
In this article you will find 10 beautiful ideas, but very simple to make garlands for celebrating New Year, Birthday, Halloween and just to decorate the interior.
Coffee Topiary do it yourself
How to make a coffee topiary
All about how to grow a beautiful coffee tree with your own hands as a gift or for home decoration. Further in article 50 photo-ideas and a basic master class for beginners.
Crafts from seashells
8 seashell ideas for beginners
Learn what crafts can be made from sea or river shells with your own hands. Further in the article we offer 8 ideas of their use for decorating the kitchen, table setting, bathroom and not only.
DIY handicrafts
Crafts from pasta - 15 ideas for adults and children
Did you know that macaroni can not only be eaten, but also used to create a nice decor for home and children's handicrafts? Further in the article you will learn 15 ideas of using various shells, bows, spirals and tubules for children and adults.
Dining area design
The decor and design of the dining area
How to make the kitchen become the center of gravity for households and guests? In our opinion, it is quite beautiful to arrange the dining area! We present 8 tips and 50 photo ideas of its decor further in the article.