The decor and design of the dining area

Dining area design

Table and chairs purchased, the place for them is chosen, what next? How to make the dining area in the kitchen turned out to be cozy and beautiful? In this material you will find 8 ideas and 50 photo examples of how you can decorate the dining table, as well as the walls and the space next to it.

8 ways to design a dining area in the kitchen

Tip 1. Carpet - the best way to highlight the dining area.

The carpet will mark the boundaries of the dining area, visually highlight it and, moreover, make it more comfortable, especially if kitchen floor tiled.

The shape of the carpet should be chosen in accordance with the shape of the table. For example, for a round table you should choose a round or square carpet, and for a rectangular table - a rectangular (or oval).

And to make the carpet easy to clean and not easily soiled, choose a lint-free or short-fleeced nylon or wool coating.

  • Carpet in the dining area

Tip 2. A lamp hung right above the table is the prerogative of not only the main dining room, but also the dining area in the kitchen.

This technique will not only create a pleasant lighting and highlight the dining area, but also give it a ceremonial look. True, the transfer of the lamp from the center to the area above the table should be planned long before the repair. However, this can be done with installation of stretch ceiling in some moment.

  • Lamp over the table

It is desirable that the lamps could easily be adjusted in length. Then, lowering the ceiling / shade lower, you can create a cozy light for dinner. And raising high to the ceiling - to create a general kitchen lighting. By the way, to illuminate the dining area it’s worth choosing light bulbs of the warm yellow spectrum, then the food on the table will look more appetizing.

If the lamp transfer is no longer possible, you can always hang bras on the wall near the table (example in the photo) or put a desk lamp on the window sill, if the dining area is located by the window.

Sconce over the dining table

Tip 3. Paintings, posters and other decor on the wall near the table will give the kitchen a finished look.

The design of the dining area almost always requires decorating the wall near the table with any decor. Properly chosen decoration, for example, a picture, will be able to “make friends” with incompatible elements of the decor, will refine the interior, reflect your taste and will please the household during meals.

Since the wall at the dinner table is always at risk of getting dirty, you shouldn’t decorate it with paintings or posters without glass. If you want to purchase modular paintings or posters on a stretcher, we recommend that you make sure that the image is printed with more resistant eco-solvent rather than pigment ink.

Traditionally, the walls at the dinner table make out:

  • Pictures.
  • Pictures in the design of the dining area
  • Posters.

Poster with an old map in the design of the dining area

Posters in the interior of the kitchen

Retro poster in the interior of the kitchen

Retro poster in the interior of the kitchen

  • Photos or photo posters.
  • Photo posters in the design of the dining area
  • Decorative plates.

Plates on the walls in the design of the dining area

The clock in the design of the dining area in the kitchen in the style of Provence

You can decorate the wall near the table outside the box, for example:

  • A mirror (large or, for example, in the form of the sun, fish eye).
  • Mirror in the design of the dining area
  • Wooden planks.

Wooden boards in the design of the dining area

  • Slate or corkboard with messages.
  • Decorative trays, for example, Zhostovsky as in the photo below.

Zhostovo trays in the interior of the kitchen

  • Interior letters and words.
  • Empty frames.

Empty frames in the design of the dining area

Tip 4. Want to be comfortable? Just put the pillows on the chairs.

Even the simplest chairs, bench, sofa or stools can be made more comfortable and beautiful with pillows, capes (for example, fur) or covers. Wash you have just added, but the kitchen will be very comfortable.

  • Chair decoration

Tip 5. Lanes and / or Treads - Enhance and Protect the Table

While tablecloths more suitable for a festive serving, lanes and podtarelniki needed every day. Having in your inventory several sets of such "outfits" for the table, you can easily change the design of the dining area according to your mood.

  • The track on the table
    The track on the table

Tip 6. Everything that is always on the table should be beautiful.

Everything that always stands on the dinner table, namely salt, pepper, sugar bowl, a glass for toothpicks, napkin holder, etc., should be beautiful and of high quality. What else can you put on the table to decorate everyday serving?

  • Candles and flowers at the dinner table
  • Samovar on the table
  • Sweets, which, by the way, can be put on one tray along with the same saltcellar or sugar bowl.

Tip 7. A window sill can be decorated not only with houseplants.

If the table is at the window, then you can decorate the window sill. You should not clutter it, but you can put a desk lamp, put a couple of books, put a candle, a pretty figure and, of course, a room flower. A few examples of window sill decoration can be seen in the next selection of photos.

  • Dining area by the window

Tip 8. Potted plants do not happen much.

Even the simplest indoor plants and flowers can not only purify the air, but also decorate the interior. If there is not enough space on the table for one of the pots, you can green the kitchen by hanging the plant on the wall, putting several small pots on a special pedestal or 1-2 large plants - directly on the floor.

  • Planter on the wall

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