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kitchen spotlights
Everything about spot lighting in the kitchen
Overview of all types of spotlights and bulbs for them. Options for placing points of light in a small, large and combined kitchen. Installation instructions do-it-yourself. Photos in the interior.
LED lighting kitchen
LED lights for the kitchen from A to Z
Proper lighting of the kitchen - in cabinets and drawers, on the ceiling and on the floor will transform your kitchen. It is inexpensive, beautiful and simple enough to install it yourself.
Chandelier for the kitchen
Choosing the perfect chandelier for your kitchen
The ideal chandelier is beautiful, does not reduce the space, is easy to clean and, of course, well illuminates the kitchen. Which chandelier is suitable for a small kitchen, and which one for a combined one? Which lamp will fit into the classic interior, and which one will decorate the kitchen in the style of high-tech or Provence? Read about it further in the article.