Choosing the perfect chandelier for your kitchen

Chandelier for the kitchen

Modern chandeliers for the kitchen amaze with a variety of colors and styles of performance. Lighting is an important part of thoughtful design. By creating the right lighting, you will make your kitchen more comfortable, more comfortable and more beautiful. From this article you will learn what can be chandeliers, how to choose it in accordance with the style of the kitchen, what you need to take into account when choosing kitchen lighting.

Chandelier Types

  1. Suspended chandeliers: it is one or more ceiling lamps attached to a cord, chain or string. The traditional version of the kitchen - a lamp with a lampshade, it is usually hung over the table and, as a rule, for small kitchen one light source is enough. Ceiling pendant chandeliers can be made of glass, plastic, fabric and even paper. A variety of forms and stylistic decisions makes this type of chandeliers almost universal.
hanging chandeliers for the kitchen
  1. Ceiling chandeliers: ideal for a small kitchen with a low ceiling. The ceiling of such a chandelier can be translucent (frosted) or completely transparent. There are both ordinary white and color options. The shape of ceiling models, as a rule, is strict, geometric (circle, square), but there are also some original design variations: designs resembling a crown, a tree, a flower, or an even more complex figure.
ceiling chandeliers for kitchen
  1. A separate type of chandeliers - classic. Such chandeliers look luxurious, they are distinguished by sophistication of performance and elegance combined with chic and some pretentiousness.
classic models of chandeliers for the kitchen

Chandelier styles

  • Classic - such chandeliers are elegant and elegant, their popularity is not lost over the years, and the form is suitable for classic-style kitchens and country music. You can find forged classic chandeliers, models with glass elements, hanging chains, a common option is to imitate a lamp with candles;

classic kitchen chandeliers

  • Modern - These are universal fixtures that are suitable for both kitchens in a minimalist style or a classic design, either for a cozy chalet or an elegant interior in Scandinavian style. Art nouveau ceiling lamps are discreet colors, simple shapes and discreet originality;
  • Modern chandelier for the kitchen
  • Candelabra - Now they are often made from the available materials of plastic and glass, although the traditional material for candelabra is crystal. Such a chic chandelier is appropriate in the kitchen in modern style, chebbi chic, chalet, classic, provence;

chandelier chandelier for the kitchen

chandelier chandelier for the kitchen

  • Hi-Tech / Techno - Chandeliers of this type are more often ceiling than suspended. They are decorated in cold colors and in strict, graphic geometric forms. As for materials, then, as a rule, it is metal, plastic, glass;
  • hi-tech / techno chandelier
  • Floristics - is an elegant and beautiful design, decorated with branches, flowers, leaves. It can be made of metal, wood, may contain elements of glass and plastic. Floral chandelier is suitable for the kitchen in the style of Provence, country, classic, chebbi chic;

floral chandelier for the kitchen

  • Tiffany - luxurious chandeliers are created from glass, they are decorated with stained glass painting or made mosaic (from colored glass pieces). Lamps Tiffany harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen in the style of classic, tiffany and country;

tiffany chandeliers

  • Loft - such lamps for the kitchen imitate street lamps, their execution is a deliberately rude style, sometimes with vintage motifs. It is a great choice for a Scandinavian style kitchen or style. loft, country, chebbi chic;

loft chandeliers for the kitchen

  • Minimalism - strict chandelier without bright decor, characterized by concise geometric shapes and discreet colors. Minimalist lamps are suitable for Scandinavian-style kitchens, as well as, for high-tech kitchens and loft;
  • minimalist kitchen chandelier
  • Eco style - a simple chandelier made of natural materials (wood, paper, fabric). Wicker models look beautiful and interesting. To decorate such a chandelier, branches, dry flowers and leaves, small stones can be used, so you can make an eco-lamp with your own hands. Such a chandelier will fit into the interior of the kitchen not only eco style, but also country, provence, classic and ethno.

Eco lamps for the kitchen

Comfortable kitchen lighting - how to create?

The chandelier in the kitchen is not just a source of light, but also an element of decor that creates a cozy atmosphere. The kitchen should be light and comfortable, that is, both work areas and food intake areas should be well lit.

  • Chandeliers for the kitchen with adjustable lighting modes - a great opportunity to save energy and use the most functional lighting;
  • The lighting in the room should be comfortable for the eyes: too bright or dim light is tiring for the eyes. On average, the illumination rate in the kitchen is as follows: 12-40 watts per square meter. meter (incandescent), 30-35 watts per square meter. meter (halogen lamps), from 8 watts per square meter. meter (fluorescent lamps);
  • The darker the interior of the kitchen, the more powerful lamps are needed to illuminate the room;
dark kitchen lighting
  • If the kitchen is large, then you should give preference to a multi-track pendant chandelier, and for small kitchens, ceiling or single-hanger suspended ones will do;

lighting a large and small kitchen

  • With the help of lighting, you can zone a room. You can hang the chandelier above the table, and light the work area with spotlights. If the kitchen and dining room are combined, it is reasonable to install two chandeliers (or a chandelier above the dining area and spotlights above the kitchen): the chandelier above the dining area should be larger and more noticeable than in the kitchen area;
lighting zoning
  • In the design of a modern kitchen, you can do without a chandelier: the area above the bar counter can be illuminated with a stylish wall lamp, the working area can be illuminated with hidden ceiling light sources, and spotlights can be placed around the kitchen perimeter.

Which lamp to choose?

There are several types of lamps, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Incandescent lamps: Their advantages include a low price, a pleasant warm light, accessibility, a minus - a relatively short service life;
  2. Fluorescent lamps: the advantages of such lamps are bright light, but the light of such lamps can be tedious for the eyes, moreover, sometimes such lamps blink noticeably due to voltage drops;
  3. Halogen lamps: these lamps serve for a very long time, but at the same time they heat up sufficiently and are expensive, in addition, they must be disposed of in accordance with certain rules;
  4. LED bulbs: costly, but at the same time they are durable, economical, diverse (in terms of color) and very practical (they do not heat up, they serve for a long time and can be used both for lamps and as independent sources of light and illumination).
types of lamps

The choice of lamp depends on the material from which the chandelier is made, the style of the kitchen, as well as your preferences (not everyone, for example, likes LED lighting) and financial possibilities.

Chandelier materials for the kitchen

  • When choosing a chandelier, keep in mind that the lower it hangs, the better the materials, parts and accessories of which it is made should be.The low-hanging chandelier should be good both from the outside and from the inside. If it hangs high, then you can not buy a model from expensive materials. For example, a crystal chandelier can be replaced by a glass chandelier or even plastic;
  • The chandelier in the kitchen should not be branded, so the glass or plastic model is preferable to the fabric;
  • A wooden chandelier should be coated with varnish and a metal one with mastic;
  • Choose such chandeliers for the kitchen, which can be exposed to a large amount of soapy water. Paper lamps - the most impractical: they can not be cleaned without damaging. In addition, such chandeliers are usually quite large (so that the paper is at a sufficiently large distance from the lamp), which is not suitable for any kitchen. Another disadvantage: paper lamps give a diffused light - this is not the best option for the kitchen, although they look beautiful;
  • Forged models should be often wiped from dust: in their bends, curls and connections, dust accumulates constantly;
  • Simple ceiling lamps made of glass or plastic with a geometric shape are perfect for the kitchen: it is easy to care for them.

Chandelier and kitchen size

The chandelier should fit harmoniously into the kitchen space, not only in style, but also in size.

  • For a small kitchen area or kitchens with low ceilings; ceiling chandeliers are suitable: pendants will look cumbersome and visually make the ceiling even lower;
ceiling chandelier for a small kitchen
  • Long suspensions with small shades are perfect for narrow, elongated kitchens, they will give the room a stylish look, and the right amount of light bulbs will allow you to evenly light all the space;
pendant chandeliers for the narrow kitchen
  • Large kitchens and classic chandeliers, massive suspensions, crystal chandeliers are made for each other. Ceiling lights can also look harmoniously in the space of a large kitchen. An interesting option for a spacious kitchen will be a multi-level model: both a luxurious candelabrum or an exquisite classical chandelier made of crystal and metal, as well as glass or wicker spheres or an elegant and lush floral pattern;
chandelier for large kitchen

Suspended and ceiling, glass and wrought, concise and chic - different chandeliers can create a special atmosphere in the kitchen, make the room taller and brighter, or, on the contrary, give it mystery and comfort.

We wish you always have a lot of light, warmth and beauty in your kitchen.

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  1. lina lan says

    Definitely a chandelier should fit harmoniously into the kitchen space!
    For example, I prefer ceiling chandeliers, they look stylish,
    beautiful, not catchy and shines brightly.

  2. Elena Krylova says

    It seems to me that classic and generally large chandeliers with
    fanciful details of complicated construction in a small kitchen will look like
    inappropriate. They are best suited for a spacious kitchen-living room. There they can
    perfectly fit into the interior above the table.

  3. Tatyana says

    I think that the chandelier in the kitchen should first of all be practical, and then already beautiful ...
    We must remember that small, closed chandeliers are easier to clean than large and open chandeliers!

  4. Vitaly Kutuzov says

    Well written and most importantly a lot of illustrations.

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