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Which cutting board is better
Which cutting board is better?
Which cutting board is better? How many boards should be in the kitchen? And what size should be universal board? The answers to these and other questions later in the article.
Dryer for dishes
A guide to choosing a dryer for dishes
Choosing the perfect dish dryer - built into the cupboard, the delivery note on the sink or the table top with the help of useful tips and photo examples
How to sharpen a knife
How to sharpen a kitchen knife - 7 steps for beginners
There is nothing more annoying in the kitchen than a dull knife. Not only does it complicate the work and spoil the look of the products, it also becomes more dangerous. Further in the article you will find step by step and clear instructions for sharpening a knife with a grinding block and not only.
Guide to choosing a good universal pan
We choose the perfect pan and understand the prices, manufacturers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of all non-stick coatings and materials of modern pans.