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Roman curtains do it yourself
Roman curtains without sewing - a master class of 6 steps
Roman curtains are better not to buy, but to sew with your own hands, because this is done simply, quickly and at a budget, especially if ... you cut the fabric sections with glue spider web, not “stitching” and use plastic blinds instead of a homemade lifting mechanism.
Kitchen curtains on the grommet - modern fittings for modern curtains
Why grommets ideal accessories for curtains in the kitchen? Is it possible to hang the curtains on the grommet in the kitchen in the style of Provence or a classic? How to sew kitchen curtains on grommets with your own hands? We answer these and other questions later in the article.
kitchen tulle
Everything you need to know about kitchen tulle
Tulle is a universal type of curtain, which is suitable for a kitchen of any style. How to choose the right length and width, material and design of tulle for a small, standard, large kitchen and kitchen-living room.