Guide to choosing a curtain rail for kitchen curtains and installation instructions

Eaves for the kitchen

In the design of the window cornice plays no less a role than the curtains themselves. For those who have to solve the window problem, we have prepared a small overview of all types of structures, tips on how to choose the right eaves in length, diameter and design, as well as a selection of video instructions for self-installation.

We make measurements

Before you choose a cornice for curtains in the kitchen, you need to measure the width of the window opening and calculate the length of the cornice using the following formula:

  • The standard length of the eaves (when mounted to the ceiling or wall) = the width of the window opening is + 30-50 cm.
  • The length of the eaves when mounted inside the window niche = width between the two walls of the window niche - (minus) the thickness of the fasteners.

By the way, with the help of a longer or shorter cornice, you can level out the drawbacks of the window in the kitchen.

  • A window that is too narrow will appear wider if you hang the cornice longer;
  • Too wide a window can be reduced by selecting the eaves exactly along its width.

Eaves Guide

Stained glass (telescopic)

Description: small round or rectangular cornice, which is adjustable in length and attached to the window frame. Suitable for stained glass curtains "hourglass" (pictured below) and curtain cafe.

  • Stained glass cornice with tulle in the interior of the kitchen

In which cases it is recommended: This type of cornice is perfect for classic interioras well as for Provence style kitchens, country music, chebbi chic. Stained glass curtains (respectively, and the eaves too) are a godsend if the window has a sink.

Made from: metal or plastic.

Mounting: the strips can be attached to the frame with self-adhesive hooks, with crutches and small bracket brackets (in the photo below). Most often, the telescopic curtain rods are threaded into the pocket of curtains, but if desired, they can be hung on rings, loops and clothespins.

Mount telescopic cornice on the window frame

Mount telescopic cornice on the window frame

Shtangovy (round)

Description: round cornice, which performs not only practical but also decorative function, since the curtains do not close it. Depending on your idea and curtain weight, you can choose a bar with a diameter of 16 to 35 mm. And how to choose a cornice that is suitable in length? There are three solutions:

  • Buy the product in a specialized curtain shop, where you will cut the cornice of the required length to order.
  • Buy a sliding bar and independently adjust its length.
  • Buy a whole bar with a margin of length and shorten using a miter box or a hacksaw yourself.
  • Buy two cornices of the same diameter and length, connect them with a special connector and, if necessary, shorten both rods.

The edges of the rod eaves must be closed with decorative tips.

  • Rod eaves in the interior of the kitchen

In which cases it is recommended: This type of cornice is the most traditional and versatile. Eaves made of wood and wrought iron suitable for interiors in the style of Provence and country. In the kitchen in a classic style will be organic cornices of metal in bronze color (pictured above), brass, antique gold, etc. with tips in the form of cones, arrows or balls.Chrome, white or black cornice with laconic tips is most likely suitable for a modern interior.

Made from: wood, metal or plastic.

Mounting: Depending on the brackets chosen, the bar can be hung not only to the wall, but also to the ceiling and between the walls. In addition, you can choose brackets to install the cornice in two or three rows.

Next, the video presents a detailed workshop on the installation of a double-row suction cornice with your own hands.


Description: Tire cornice is a bar with grooves into which hooks for curtains are attached. Its feature is that it is practically not visible above the curtains. Tires are double-row and three-row, their length is adjusted independently or made up of two tires, in addition they can be connected to the swivel modules.

Tire cornice

In which cases it is recommended: The tire eaves for wide windows, windows with a balcony, and also, if you do not want to complement the curtains with any unnecessary details, are particularly relevant.

Made from: white plastic.

Mounting: tires are often attached to the ceiling, but in combination with brackets they can also be attached to the wall.

Below is a video instruction on how to hang a ceiling cornice.

Decorative tire

Description: it is the same tire eaves, but supplemented with a decorative baguette made of wood or plastic, imitating wood, with elements of gilding, carving and other decor. In the next photo you can see how this design can look in the interior of the kitchen.

Decorative tire cornice in the interior of the kitchen

Electric carnese

Description: Electro carne is a profile with hooks for hanging curtains, equipped with an electric drive, which allows you to control the curtains manually and remotely - via a remote control, a stationary button or even through an Iphone (Smart Home system). This cornice is available for sliding and Roman curtains, Japanese panels. In addition, a flexible cornice for windows of complex shapes can be equipped with an electric drive.

Electroelectric structure

The price of electric curtain rods can vary greatly depending on the size of the curtain rod, curtain weight (for example, a curtain shelf for tulle will cost much less than for curtains), control type, availability of a timer, etc.

In which cases it is recommended: The eaves with the electric drive are especially actual for hard-to-reach windows and windows of irregular shape. And yet this tech cornice just created for high-tech kitchens.

Made from: metal (aluminum, steel) or plastic.

Mounting: electric carnys can be attached to the ceiling and to the wall.

String (tension)

Description: The string cornice is a structure consisting of a steel cable (with a diameter of up to 8 mm) and two metal fasteners. It can be single-row, double-row and three-row. In operation, stretch ledges are very convenient and simple.

In which cases it is recommended: String curtain rods fit perfectly into modern interiors and are particularly suitable for hanging light curtains and tulle.

Made from: metal.

Mounting: can be mounted to the ceiling or to the wall.

The photo below shows the popular string cornice Digite from Ikea.

  • Ikea String Curtain Rod


Description: This type can be called an improved version of the profile cornice due to the fact that the profile in this case is equipped with a rail system. Skidding cornice can be supplemented with plastic baguette, imitating wood, metal, stucco, etc. The profile without baguette can be made in any color - from antique bronze to chrome.

Made from: metal and plastic.

Mounting: can be attached to the ceiling or to the wall.


Description: profile that can bend, and with the help of special fasteners fixed in the right direction.

In which cases it is recommended: flexible curtain rods are designed for decoration of complex window openings (arched, lancet, corner or bay windows (pictured), and also in case the kitchen has round walls.

Flexible cornice in the design of the bay window

Made from: aluminum or plastic.

Mounting: can be attached to the ceiling or to the wall.

And here is a video on how to fix the eaves of flexible plastic.

General recommendations

  • The smaller the diameter or thickness of the cornice, the easier the curtains should be and vice versa.
  • The more complex and elegant the design of the fabric, the more concise it can be a cornice and vice versa.
  • If the ceiling in the kitchen is lowit is recommended to give preference to the ceiling eaves or install a wall eaves, but slightly above the upper edge of the window niche.
  • The color of the cornice should be combined with curtains, kitchen furniture handles, a chandelier or other interior details.
  • To ensure that the curtain always remains on the edge of the rod, during installation, do not forget to place one ring in the gap between the mount and the tip.
  • Clips can be alternated with round rings, then the curtains will hold tight.
  • If the length of the cornice is more than 2.4 m, and also if the curtains are very heavy, then a third bracket should be installed in the middle for reliability.
  • To prevent kitchen curtains from getting dirty when opening and closing them, add curtains with a special driver strip.

And finally, we propose to see the story about how to choose the eaves, brackets, rings and runners.

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