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Kitchens Leroy Merlin

The main plus of Leroy Merlin kitchens is super low prices. Judge for yourself: the cheapest model of chipboard straight 3-meter kitchen costs from 8 tr. (excluding engineering and plumbing) - this is a great option to give or rental housing. Also in Leroy Merlin, kitchens of a higher class are presented - beautiful and high-quality, but they are also relatively inexpensive - from 50 tr. for a 3-meter set. In the conditional “Mary” or “Ikea”, a kitchen of the same size will cost at least 100 tr.

Leroy Merlin's Kitchen

Large corner kitchen Leroy Merlin (model "White Fans" from MDF) with a worktop and an apron from the store Ob. In 2018, such a combination will cost 65-70 thousand rubles (excluding plumbing and engineering)

Such a tempting price attracts and scares at the same time. Let's find out whether the saying “a miser pays twice” applies to kitchen sets of a world retailer. And those who have already begun to look closely, we invite you to draw ideas on the design and consider photos of Leroy Merlin's kitchens in the interior.

Quick reference

Production of components and furniture: Russia and China.

Warranty period: 25 years in the kitchen under the brand name "Delinia", for the remaining headsets - 2 years.

Life time: 5 years (ready-made kitchens). We did not find information on the service life of the project kitchens, but a 25-year warranty period indicates that the headset should last at least 10 years.


In addition to accessibility, Leroy Merlin kitchens have the following advantages:

  • Express purchase of furniture. Details of the designed / finished headset you can take home on the day of purchase. Thus, in 2-3 days it can be fully assembled and ready for use. By the way, even if some components from your project are not in stock on the day of purchase, they can be delivered in just a week or ten days. In other factories, the production of a kitchen takes an average of 2.5 months.
  • Facades of decent quality - nice design, with smooth chamfers and a good decorative layer. In the assortment there are even facades with veneered facades of oak, ash and pine.
  • 25 year warranty (on Delinia brand headsets). In this cuisine, Leroy Merlin is won by all domestic factories and corresponds to the Swedish Ikea.
  • Ease of assembly (fasteners included), especially with flat walls and floors.
  • The possibility of self-design kitchen set online.

The board

In order to spend as little time as possible on buying a kitchen, we advise you to go to the store, firstly, on weekdays (it’s very difficult to get to the designer-designer on weekends), and secondly, with a project developed in advance by the online planner on the Leroy Merlin website . In it, you can independently and leisurely think over the layout, “play” with the facades and handles, estimate the cost of the combination. Then the store employee will find your project by number (the main thing is not to forget to write it down!), Finalize it and place an order.


  • The quality of laminated chipboard frames (both project and finished kitchens) leaves much to be desired.
  • Judging by the reviews, kitchen furniture (trademark Indaux) is only 1-3 years. However, there are positive feedback on them.
Broken loops Leroy Merlin

These hinges of Leroy Merlin served for only a year, then the caps fell off at the mounts, while their “legs” remained in the facade. Installing new loops in such a situation is quite difficult.

  • Often parts of the headset come across with a marriage. Fortunately, in most cases, defective parts can be changed.
  • Expensive assembly. It is not performed by Leroy Merlin, but by store contractors.

The board

The cost of assembly is 10% of the price. If you have one or two days off, a screwdriver / screwdriver and a jigsaw, then you can save a lot on the assembly, because assemble headset yourself under the force of each.

  • To design a headset and arrange its purchase, you must first get to the designer-designer by appointment or to stand in a long queue.
Leroy Merlin Project Area

Kitchens are designed here.

  • Design kitchens, though they mean fitting the headset to the dimensions and features of the room, but still it does not always work out perfectly, because the dimensions of the modules are standard.
  • The case film is afraid of the heat of the preheated oven. To avoid its deformation and melting, we recommend to purchase an oven with blown outer walls.

Headset types: they are modular (ready) and design. Let's look at both options in more detail.

About modular kitchens

It's ready straight kitchensnot requiring design. All you need to do - is to assemble a set of lockers as a children's designer. Presented in just 11 designs. The frame is made of laminated chipboard, facades - of laminated chipboard, MDF and MDF with veneer. Important bonuses:

  1. The finished combination can be ordered online on the site and personally see in the store.
  2. For convenience, each cabinet / drawer is packed in a separate box with all accessories - hinges, handles, table top, etc.

By the way, on the tabletop: note that each pedestal has its own. When the headset is fully assembled, the tabletops of the floor modules are connected with special slats (see photo below). Unfortunately, this somewhat complicates cleaning (dirt is clogged in the gap) and increases the risk of bloating. Therefore, we recommend changing the “native” tabletops to a single canvas of higher quality material.

Kitchen Bianca Leroy

Kitchen Bianca with a single worktop and other handles. The price of such a combination without the cabinet, but taking into account the plumbing and countertops was only 10 thousand rubles

Bianca Kitchen

Bianca Kitchen with integral countertop

Another tip. In addition to the worktop, ready-made kitchens by Leroy Merlin have two weak points:

  1. Loops (they do not have closers and are not very reliable).
  2. Plastic legs (often they do not support the weight of the modules and their contents and break).

To extend the life of the kitchen, we recommend changing the "native" legs and hinges to better ones.

Below in the photo slider you can see other design options for ready-made Leroy Merlin kitchens from the 2018 catalog (scroll the photo to the right).

  • Oak Milk Kitchen

About project kitchens (TM "Delinia")

These kitchens are analogous to Ikea headsets. The modules have standard sizes from 15 to 80 cm and are selected for the needs of the buyer and the size of the room. You can choose all the details yourself - from the handles to the filling. The catalog of facades presents more than 30 collections in different styles and from different materials.

Conventionally, the assortment of 20 types of facades can be divided into three groups (prices are per facade with a size of 30 × 70 cm):

  • Low cost facades from laminated chipboard (from 260 rubles): Cheesecake, Flax, Flax Mat, Lime, Lisa, Madeleine, Ice, Punch, Wasabi, Iceberg, Cappuccino, Papaya.

Wasabi Leroy Merlin Kitchen

  • Facades from MDF of an average price category (from 750 rub.): Fans Mint, Fans White, Wasabi, Chocolate, Mais, Victory, Bordeaux, Acacia, Dantel, Cherry, Plum, Graphite.
Fans Mint Kitchen

Absolute hit Leroy Merlin - kitchen series "Mint Fans"

Fans Mint

Cappuccino Kitchen

Cappuccino set

  • Costly facades made of laminated chipboard finished in solid wood (from 2490 rub.): Provence, Lyon, Nancy, Frame Dark, Frame Light, Heather, Ash (see photo), Cantenberry, Lisa, Nice, Maize.
  • Leroy Merlin's Kitchen
    This combination with the facades of the array in 2018 will be no more than 25 thousand rubles
Nice Leroy Kitchen

The cost of such a combination with the facades of "Nice" is about 35 thousand rubles (excluding tabletops)

5 more tips on designing and choosing Leroy Merlin

  1. Do you want to improve your budget kitchen so that no one would guess that it was bought in Leroy Merlin? Choose sturdy and stylish handles (perhaps not in LM), install a quality worktop and plinth. Also of great importance in the perception of the kitchen is the apron. For example, this set "Mais" in the photo below in combination with stylish tile "hog" It looks like it was bought in an Italian furniture salon.
Mais Kitchen

Mais Kitchen

Also, the set can be decorated with decor.

Kitchen Leroy Merlin with decor
Sahara kitchen with decor

  1. Keep in mind that the facades of the same model, but in different colors, can be combined with each other. For example, the white facades of “Fans” will be well combined with the facades of “Fans Mint”, and the bright facades of the “Frame” - with dark ones of the same series (see photo-example below).
Kitchen Frame is dark and light

Kitchen with light and dark facades of the model Frame

Facades Cappuccino and Tuscany

Cappuccino and Tuscany series facades

Kitchen with Wasabi and Tuscany facades

Kitchen with facades of Wasabi and Tuscany, 6 meters long and worth 150 thousand rubles

  1. If your kitchen is small and crampedthen planning a corner set, one of the sides is better to be narrow - 35 cm deep, instead of the standard 60 cm. Unfortunately, there are no narrow floor lockers in Leroy's assortment ... but there are wall-mounted ones. If you buy legs and a plinth for such a module, you’ll get a 35-centimeter cabinet that looks no different from the rest of the thumbs. The photo below shows an example of a nice headset with such a clever solution.
  • Nancy Leroy Merlin Kitchen
    Classic kitchen "Nancy" with facades decorated with solid ash. In 2018, the cost of such a combination will be less than 100 thousand rubles (including the table top, internal filling and other details)

You can buy a project kitchen only in the hypermarket, the online store does not provide such an opportunity.

  1. To improve the quality and service life of the project kitchen, you can install higher-quality loops with closers or lifting-folding mechanisms, for example, Blum or Hettich, instead of Leroy Merlin loops. In Leroy Merlin, there are also hinges with closers that make it easy to open, close and lock the doors in any position, but they are not very reliable.
  2. When purchasing a table top in another store, keep in mind that the depth of the floor closets of the Leroy Merlin headsets is not standard 60 cm, but a little less - 56 cm.

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