All about the kitchens "Maria" - 33 nuances that the buyer needs to know

Kitchens Maria

If you have to buy a new headset, we suggest preparing for it with us and look at the Maria factory: check the price, look at photos of real kitchens, study the advantages and weak points of the furniture / service and learn some useful tips for choosing.

“Maria” is the most recognizable brand of kitchen furniture in the country. Someone she remembered from a TV advertisement with Gerard Depardieu, someone from the programs "The housing problem" or "School of repair", and someone heard about the factory from friends. After all, according to the manufacturer himself, in Russia and the CIS every month 4,000 people become happy owners of the Maria kitchen.

Help for the buyer

Production: furniture is made in Russia (Saratov), ​​and components are purchased in Italy, Germany and the USA. The company basically does not use materials made in China.

Prices: medium and medium high. The average price for a kitchen with a length of 3 meters is 200 thousand rubles.

Here are some real photo examples of Maria kitchens with prices.

Combination kitchen maria

The price of such a combination excluding the cost of equipment is 131 thousand rubles (for 2018)


This Vector kitchen is about 5 meters long (MDF, chipboard, acrylic) in 2016 cost about 400 thousand rubles

  • Mix 22 Kitchen Maria
    This kitchen Mix 22 of chipboard is one of the cheapest in the catalog and costs about 120 thousand rubles.
Kitchen Maria 70 thousand rubles

A small kitchen Mix 22 like this photo costs about 70 thousand rubles

  • Kitchen Maria 180 tr
    Maria's kitchen worth 120 thousand rubles (2016)
Kitchen Maria 180 tr

Maria's kitchen worth 120 thousand rubles (in 2016)

Warranty period: 10 years, which is two to three times longer than that of all other domestic factories, but two times less than in Leroy Merlin and Ikea.

Fittings: firms Hettich (Germany), on the one hand, very good, because the accessories of this brand is considered one of the highest quality and expensive. But, on the other hand, according to popular belief among furniture makers, Blum hinges are better at the same or even lower cost. By the way, both Hettich and Blum declare that their fittings withstand 200 thousand openings (which is equivalent to 22 years of operation).

Fittings Maria - Hattih

Rating feedback on (on a 5-point scale): 3.9. This indicator is rather low compared to other Russian companies and Ikea, but there are much more reviews on Maria’s kitchens than other companies.

Order time: on average 2 months. Small kitchens are often made in a month.

Headset assembly time: on average 2 days.

Minimum prepayment: 25% of the order amount.


  • Great design. All models (more than 30) were developed in collaboration with Italian designers. The range has both modern and classic kitchen sets in a variety of colors (you can choose from 200 shades) and finishes - from the "old" wood to photo printing.
  • Nicolle Kitchen
    Nicolle Kitchen Unusual color of facades selected from the RAL catalog

Kitchens “Maria” can often be seen in the TV programs “The Housing Question”, “The School of Repair”, “The Country Answer”, “Fazenda”, etc. The picture below shows the interior of the kitchen with a classic-style suite from the “Housing Question” program.

  • Maria's Kitchen
    Kitchen set with MDF framed facades with matte PVC film coating. Countertop and sink made of artificial stone Corian

And here is a photo of Maria's kitchen in a modern style.

  • Kitchen Jazz factory Maria with radius facades
    Jazz kitchen with radius facades
Little kitchen maria

Small kitchen Maria with angular section, narrowed and sloping sidewall

  • All materials are safe, environmentally friendly and comply with the formaldehyde E1 emission class;
  • The ability to track the status of the order in your account on the factory website;
  • Good quality facades (from MDF, chipboard, solid wood), body (from moisture resistant chipboard Austrian company Egger) and accessories;
  • The possibility of buying a kitchen on credit without overpaying (when buying on credit, the company gives a discount of bank interest on the loan)
  • Free offline design project (with a subsequent order of the kitchen), free calculation and online design project on the site;
  • Free measurement;
  • More than 300 points of sales throughout Russia and the CIS. At the same time, prices in branded and dealer salons differ slightly;
  • Convenient site, which at least speaks about the brand's customer focus. On the factory portal you can order a free kitchen design project, browse the catalog and photos of implemented projects, learn useful ones. headset planning tips (by the way, very informative!) and, as we have already noted, track the status of the order in your account;
  • The warranty is 10 years, which is two times longer than that of all other domestic factories;
  • Profitable shares. For example, at the time of this writing, the factory offered a 20% discount on Bosch and Liebherr appliances, a tabletop as a gift, rails and lighting at special prices, etc .;
  • Judging by the feedback from users, excellent pickers work in Mary.


  • No free shipping and assembly. Shipping cost is 10% of the order value;
  • High prices;
  • There are delays in the manufacture, sometimes - very long;
  • In negative reviews, users complain that the company does not work well with reclamations, resolving controversial issues, violates the terms of the contract on the penalty;
  • “Maria” produces countertops from only two types of materials: from moisture-resistant chipboard (Fab brand, Italy) and from Corian artificial stone from DuPont (USA). By the way, the Corian artificial stone is considered one of the best, and DuPont went down in history as the inventor of the world's first artificial stone. However, if you want to install a tabletop made of natural stone, agglomerate or array, you will have to order it separately.
  • Maria's classic kitchen
    The facades of this kitchen are made of MDF and covered with matte enamel. Artificial stone countertop Corian

Buying Tips

  • Before going to the salon, we advise you to carefully examine the kitchen catalog "Maria" on the site, writing down the names of the models you liked and paying attention to the layouts and shades. Also on the site will be very useful to explore the section "Buyers".
  • Preliminary it is worth to order a design project and calculation online, which does not commit to anything, but it helps to present and think about the purchase, as well as to come to the designer-designer in the salon prepared.
  • Prepare for the purchase of headset and help free online kitchen designers.
  • Want to save a little? Furniture handles you can order in another company for a lower price.
  • Especially carefully you need to choose the color of the headset, because according to the RAL catalog you can choose any, even complex shades like gray-brown, olive or gray.
  • Always be interested in promotions and discounts - you can save a lot on them. In most cases, you can give a discount without taking into account any shares, if your intentions are serious (at least 5%).
  • If you want to buy a kitchen as cheap as possible, pay attention to the sample headsets, which are often sold in the showrooms of Mary.
  • Designers in "Mary" are most often competent and professional. But if you feel that your designer is not attentive or works in bad faith, then we advise you not to take risks and try to “work” with another employee (for example, in another “Mary” salon). Remember, the design phase of the kitchen is the most responsible, even the smallest mistake in the drawing can turn into major problems.
Daniella Kitchen Factory Maria

Daniella Kitchen Factory Maria

Daniella Kitchen Factory Maria

Daniella Kitchen Factory Maria

Maria's Kitchen

Maria's Kitchen

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