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Rating of the best kitchen manufacturers

The average price of a kitchen set without equipment is 200 thousand rubles, and its service life can be 10-25 years. Agree, you should choose such furniture and its manufacturer according to the principle “compare seven times, buy once”.

  • Moreover, the process of making a kitchen is multi-stage and complex. At each stage errors may occur, if only because of the human factor: the designer did not take into account the detail, the measurer underestimated the curvature of the walls, the warehouse worker missed the marriage, the collector drilled an extra hole ... Even the smallest miscalculation can turn into delays in terms and additional expenses.

To make such mistakes as small as possible, the factory should have the most automated production, an established system of logistics and personnel training. What firm to entrust manufacturing your kitchen? So, without further ado, we present the ranking of the top 10 manufacturers of kitchen sets of low and medium price category.

comparison table

So, the companies that meet the following conditions were in our rating of the best kitchen manufacturers:

  • They make furniture from environmentally friendly and safe materials, use chipboard and MDF of E1 formaldehyde emission class;
  • Make kitchens at the price from 20 to 80 tr. per meter;
  • Have a quality website - user-friendly, providing the opportunity for feedback, as well as detailed information about models, promotions, services, etc. In our opinion, a good website speaks at least about the company's customer focus and its desire to keep up with the times;
  • Have positive reviews from real users;
  • Have a large number of points of sale;
  • Make the kitchen, which, in our opinion, look stylish and beautiful;
  • Present in the market for at least 15 years.

If you look at the table on the smartphone, turn it to a horizontal position - so the whole table will enter the screen area.

  Ikea Maria Stylish kitchens Leroy Merlin Call Plaza Real Kitchen yard Announcement
Warranty 25 years 10 years 5 years 25 years * For accessories and accessories of kitchens "Delinia" 5 years 24,7 * SPB only 2 years (free) and 5 years for the add. fee 2 years
The possibility of purchase by installments + + + * Credit is possible + + +
Free design project + + * Free when ordering a kitchen + + + + + * A design project is made with the departure of the designer when ordering a kitchen for free, without an order - 1000 rubles. +
Free metering + + + + + +
Free delivery (no lift to the floor) + * When ordering a kitchen from 36 tr. and within the A-107 highway in Moscow * Free of charge furniture is delivered from Belarus only to the warehouse in the city + * SPb only + * When ordering a kitchen from 70 tr. and within the A-107 highway in Moscow
Free assembly, installation and connection of equipment + * When ordering from 36 tr. + * Only in St. Petersburg + * When ordering a kitchen from 36 tr. and within the A-107 highway in Moscow + * When ordering from 70 tr.
Rating reviews on (on a 5-point scale) 4.7 3.9 4.8 4.2 4.3 4.0
Environmental friendliness, compliance of materials to the class E1 + + + ± * The frames are made of low quality chipboard + + + +
Number of designs (not counting the color range) >20 >50 >40 27 > 190 (including colors) 30 >90 > 80 (including colors)
Price level Low and medium Medium and medium-high Average Very low and low Average Average Average Average
Total The best option in terms of price and quality, the best service Large selection of designs, individual approach to furniture design Good quality, free assembly and delivery The cheapest cuisine in the ranking Excellent facade design, high quality The most favorable conditions for residents of St. Petersburg

In this table, the brands “Aran Cucina” and “Hacker” are not represented, but they are in our kitchen rankings (look for information about them later in the article).

Top 10 Kitchen Manufacturers

1. IKEA (Sweden)

The cuisine of this Swedish manufacturer is popular all over the world and there are at least 7 reasons for this:

Ikea Kitchen with Marble Top

The IKEA kitchen is complemented by a marble worktop and decorative handles.

Ikea kitchen

  • Ikea equips kitchen furniture with high-quality Blum furniture;
  • Ikea uses only eco-friendly types of chipboard and MDF;
  • The warranty period for Ikea kitchens is 25 years;
  • Opportunity to independently and free design a kitchen in an online planner on the store site, and then adjust it together with a specialist;
  • The possibility of local replacement of facades in case of damage or simply if you wish to update the design, say, in a few years.

Consider the cons:

  • Despite the long warranty period, the actual service life of kitchens from Ikea is often not long and amounts to only 7-10 years. Some users in their reviews report that chipboard swells after 3 years;
  • The choice of facades is, firstly, limited in colors and design, and secondly, minimalist, which is not to everyone’s liking. In addition, the kitchen interior with an Ikea headset can hardly claim to be unique;
  • Ikea Kitchens
  • The dimensions of the Ikea headset modules are standard, so ideally fitting the headset to the room and squeezing the maximum out of it is not always the case.

For details, see our material: IKEA Kitchens: a photo in the interior and a certificate for the buyer

2. Maria (Russia, Saratov)

The rating of kitchen producers is unthinkable without the most recognizable brand in the country, Maria, which specializes in “kitchen” production for 19 years. The company positions its furniture as furniture with German quality and Italian design.

  • Maria's Kitchen
    The facades of this classic kitchen unit from the factory "Maria" are made of MDF, covered with matte PVC film. The table top is made of artificial acrylic stone


  • 10 year warranty;
  • In contrast to IKEA, Maria company relies on an individual approach in the design of a headset, which is especially necessary for small kitchens;
  • The buyer can follow the status of his order on the site;
  • Materials and components manufacturer purchases in Italy, Germany and Russia. The company basically does not cooperate with China;
  • The choice of models of headsets is quite large. Moreover, both the classic and the modern kitchens “Maria” are equally good and are often used in the TV programs “The Housing Problem”, “The School of Repair”, etc.By the way, furniture design was developed in collaboration with Italian designers;
  • Kitchens Maria
    Modern-style Jazz kitchen with radius fronts
  • The presence of a large number of points of sales in Russia, prices in which differ slightly.


  • Prices for kitchens in “Mary” are medium and medium-high.

For details, see the material: All about the kitchens "Maria" - 33 nuances that the buyer needs to know

3. Stylish Kitchens (Russia)

This factory is unique in that it produces all (!) Furniture components independently on the equipment, which was developed by leading European machine-tool companies. Thus, every single detail is not stored in warehouses, but made specifically for the customer.

  • Stylish kitchens

Stylish kitchen firm

Stylish kitchen firm


  • All the salons of the factory are branded, which eliminates dealer margins, reduces the likelihood of errors and delays, and also simplifies the resolution of any controversial issues;
  • The factory provides free services not only for measurement and design design, but also for delivery and assembly, which is a very significant bonus;
  • The warranty period is 5 years;
  • The prices for “Stylish Kitchens” are lower than for the furniture of the “Maria” factory.


  • Salons "Stylish Kitchen" is only in Moscow, Moscow Region and St. Petersburg.

4. Leroy Merlin (Poland)

The main advantages of kitchens from Leroy Merlin are availability and the ability to get a set as quickly as possible - in just 2-3 days, rather than the standard 2-3 months.

  • Leroy Merlin's Kitchen
    This nice kitchen with the facades of the “Ash of the Factories” from Leroy Merlin cost the owners only 20 tr. (in 2015)


  • The prices of Leroy Merlin are probably the lowest in our rankings;
  • The facades of the headsets are of quite good quality; there are even inexpensive facades with oak veneer;
  • Kitchens under the Delinia trademark are covered for 25 years;
  • You can pick up an order yourself almost on the day of payment;
  • Kitchen set can be assembled by yourself or use an inexpensive store collector service;
  • On the store's website, you can draw a kitchen project yourself and prepare with a meeting with designer Leroy Merlin.


  • Poor quality of chipboard frames. Several users in a review complained of an unpleasant smell;
  • Kitchens Leroy Merlin do not provide for embedding appliances. Nevertheless, it is possible, the main thing is to find an experienced installer;
  • The choice of kitchen designs is not too large.

For details, see the material: Kitchens Leroy Merlin - Help for Buyer

5. Call (Belorussia)

ZOV is a brand of kitchen furniture from Belarus, which is popular in Russia and the CIS and is recognizable in our country thanks to the cooperation with the transfer of the Apartment Question and the School of Repair. The company has been on the market for more than 20 years.



  • The factory has a large number of points of sale in Russia and the CIS;
  • The workshops of the factory are equipped with machines of Italian and German manufacturers;
  • The line includes kitchens of both economy class and premium;
  • The warranty period is 5 years;
  • Factory "Call" marks its components to protect against fakes.


  • Since the production of "Call" is in Belarus, the delivery takes a little longer than that of Russian factories. If in the order suddenly found a marriage or nedokomplekt, then to solve the problem quickly it is unlikely to succeed;
  • Furniture assembly is quite expensive and, depending on the dealer, the price of the service can be from 7 to 15% of the order value;
  • Prices from dealers and dealerships on the same equipment may vary significantly.

6. Plaza Real (Russia, St. Petersburg)

Furniture manufacturer from St. Petersburg, existing in the market for 18 years. Despite its Petersburg origin, most of the salons are located in Moscow.

Emilia from Plaza Real

Kitchen Emilia from Plaza Real


  • Warranty: 24.7 years, true only for residents of St. Petersburg;
  • Free delivery and assembly for residents of St. Petersburg;
  • The factory produces furniture on Italian equipment, the Italians also train the staff (equipment suppliers);
  • The company buys all components and accessories from European manufacturers.


  • Favorable conditions (25-year warranty, free delivery and assembly) are available only to peers;
  • Not too many design choices;
  • Salons are presented only in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow region.

But a video review of the kitchen from the Plaza Real.

7. Aran Cucine (Italy)

Italian cuisine is valued worldwide for quality and design. In Russia, kitchens from Italy are most often positioned as premium-class furniture (sometimes unjustifiably, since the high price is often formed only due to the cost of delivery and dealer premium), but the Aran brand is an exception. The average cost of one headset is from 2,700 Euros, which is comparable to the prices of the domestic “Maria” or “Stylish Kitchens”. Aran Cucine brand was founded in 1960.


  • Aran factory, unlike other European companies, supplies its kitchens in a disassembled form, which greatly reduces the cost of delivery from Italy. Against the background of the growth of the euro, this factor becomes especially relevant for Russians;
  • European quality;
  • Beautiful kitchen design, not only classic, but also modern;


  • Disassembled headset frame delivery is, on the one hand, a plus (the client saves on delivery), and on the other hand, there is a minus: glued prefabricated frames are better and more durable;
  • When buying a kitchen from Italy, you will have to put up with the extended delivery time, overpayment due to the growth of the euro, as well as dealer premiums and duties.

8. Häcker Küchen (Germany)

German manufacturers are famous for using the most advanced technologies in the production of kitchen sets. Hacker is the second largest kitchen brand in Germany. The secret of Haecker success: the factory adapts the technological and design solutions of elite German manufacturers to the mass market. The slogan of this brand: "Kitchen for all."

  • Häcker kitchen in the interior
    Häcker kitchen in the interior
  • Häcker kitchen in the interior


  • The process of manufacturing the headset is almost completely automated and eliminates the likelihood of marriage;
  • A wide selection of designs from minimalism before country music;
  • German quality fittings and accessories;
  • The best cuisine in modern style can be found, of course, from Häcker Küchen. However, the classic and "rustic" designs in the range are also represented;
  • The prices for Hecker's kitchens are comparable to the prices of domestic factories of the middle and middle-high segment.


  • Expensive and long delivery;
  • Dealer charges.

9. Kitchen yard (Moscow, Russia)

Kitchen Yard has been on the market since 1996. Kitchens from the Kukhnyi Dvor factory are often used by designers in the projects for the School of Repair program and the Housing Problem.

  • Kitchen yard
    Kitchen set "Eric"


  • Large selection of colors and styles of facades;
  • Furniture design was developed in collaboration with designers from Italy;
  • Free assembly when ordering a kitchen set and appliances from 150 tr;
  • Reasonable prices - from 23 thousand rubles per meter.


  • Free warranty covers 2 years - this period is less than that of other Russian factories. 5 year warranty.

ten.Announcement (Russia)

The factory was founded in 1999. Kitchens "Announcement" can often be seen in the program "School of repair."

  • Pesaro Kitchen Factory Announcement
    Kitchen "Pesaro" factory "Announcement"

Another photo example of the kitchen Announcement in the interior.

Kitchen Announcement


  • Salons "Announcement" are represented in 30 cities of Russia;
  • Free delivery in Moscow within the A-107 highway and when ordering from 70 tr;
  • Large selection of designs.


  • Short warranty period - 2 years;
  • Not too high quality and informative site.

General recommendations

  • Which cuisine is better - Russian or European production? The furniture of domestic producers is good because it is adapted for small premises and focused on the implementation of individual projects. In addition, it is more affordable (especially against the background of the growth of the dollar and the euro) and at the same time comparable in quality to the furniture of European factories. Moreover, the majority of large manufacturers work on Italian / German equipment, use their own technologies, materials and accessories, imitate the "Europeans" in design.
  • Choosing a kitchen, ask about the manufacturer of accessories and the warranty period for it. Good loops are designed for at least 80-100 thousand open-close cycles.
  • Do you feel that the designer is not competent enough and attentive? In this case, it is worth changing either the designer or the manufacturer, since the design stage of the kitchen is almost the most important and the probability of mistakes should be minimized.
  • Buying a kitchen is, if possible, in a company salon, not a dealership / franchise salon, or at least from an official sales representative.
  • When choosing a kitchen manufacturer, do not hesitate to ask that the assemblers are full-time employees of the company who underwent uniform training and certification.
  • To minimize the likelihood of errors in the design project, it is advisable to thoroughly shoe: learn kitchen planning principles and estimate the planning options yourself, for example, in various online planners.
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