Olive cuisine - 10 tips for a successful design

Olive Kitchen

Olive color in the interior of the kitchen is good because:

  • Always pleasant to the eye. Olive is very often found in nature, and therefore it is perceived by us positively, it calms and adjusts for communication, inspires cooking. By the way, the food on this background always looks appetizing.
  • On the surfaces of olive color less visible pollution. The facades of the kitchen, apron, walls and tabletop olive shade (except dark olive) are very practical.

Olive green apron

  • It is easy to combine with other colors. Olive, like all shades of green, versatile and combined with almost all the colors of the rainbow. With some shades, he is friendly especially well, and we will tell about them below.
  • It looks fresh and uncommonly, it seems more expensive than it actually is. The olive color is so noble that even the most modest cuisine in it seems more expensive than it actually is.
Olive Kitchen Restoration

This old chipboard kitchen used to look old-fashioned and trite. After dyeing in olive color, it began to look much more modern.

  • It looks great in traditional and classic interiors. For example, it can be a Victorian or rustic style, provence or country music. However, in modern interiors olive color is also appropriate, for example, in the setting in minimalism style or eco style.
  • Olive Country Kitchen

However, an excess of olive color is dangerous because it makes the space and its inhabitants too melancholic. In addition, it can visually reduce and shade the space, which is undesirable for small kitchens. In this material we will give 10 practical tips on how to plan the design of an olive kitchen, without turning it into a swamp, but by making the space cozy and stylish. Also for your inspiration, we have collected 55 photos of the interiors of olive kitchens.

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10 tips on using the olive color in the kitchen

Tip 1. If the kitchen is small, combine the olive color with a lot of white.

At the same time, shades of olive should be mostly cold and light. Especially when it comes to the walls and facades of the kitchen.

Small kitchen with olive walls

Small kitchen with olive walls

Design a small kitchen in olive colors

If the kitchen is very small or cluttered, then the walls and large furniture are best decorated in white (vanilla, milk, in the shade of eggshell), and olive color used in accents. For example, it can be a decor, dishes, ceiling, floor, curtains or apron as in the photo below.

White kitchen with olive accents

Tip 2. If the kitchen is dark and facing north, try using light and warm shades of olive.

Olive color can be both warm and cold. If the olive shade contains a yellow note, then it is called warm. It is the warm shades that are best used in kitchen design with a lack of light or with windows facing the north. In this case, the walls and facades of the headset, it is desirable to arrange in bright colors (light olive, white, light beige).

Classic olive kitchen with light walls

An example of a kitchen with facades of warm olive color

Also, choosing companion colors for olive is worth betting on warm colors: yellow, coral, salmon, red, pink, etc.

Tip 3. In the design of the olive kitchen, overlooking the sunny side, you can use any shade of olive

The bright kitchen area of ​​more than 10 square meters. m olive can be a lot. Moreover, the interior can be decorated in monochrome, playing on warm and cold, light and rich olive tones.

Monochrome kitchen in olive colors

On the other hand, in the sunny olive kitchen blue and blue colors will look fresh and spectacular.

Olive cuisine with blue accents

Tip 4. Olive is especially harmonious with ...

  • With all shades of green: pistachio, mytny, mossy, emerald, etc .;
  • Brown and all its shades (all shades of wood and leather);
  • Beige, gray beige;
  • Coral, salmon and pink;
  • Lemon, mustard, ocher;
  • Red, burgundy and brick;
  • Orange, carrot, pumpkin, terracotta;
  • Lilac;
  • Blue, turquoise and blue.

Here is a small selection of photos of olive kitchens with different colors.

Country kitchen in the red-olive scale

Modern Olive Kitchen

Green and blue in the interior of the kitchen

Olive traditional cuisine

  • Little Olive Classic Kitchen

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Tip 5. Light and cool shades of olive are best suited for wall decoration.

The gray-green shade is noble and complex, its beauty is best revealed on large surfaces. If you paint the walls in a cold olive shade, and the platbands, baseboards and pick up the white doors, the kitchen interior will be super stylish.

Olive walls in the interior of the kitchen in Stalinka

Tip 6. Work on lighting

Olive cuisine in dim lighting with harsh shadows seems bleak and dirty, no matter how thoughtful the interior is. One central chandelier is definitely not enough! Therefore, in the design of the olive kitchen is very important to provide good lighting: uniform and multi-level.

  • We recommend using wall sconces, floor lamps or table lamps. In addition to the ceiling lighting, even a single lamp can revive olive shades and make the kitchen more comfortable.
  • Small kitchen in olive colors

Tip 7. Avoid dark olive shades in the design of the working area.

An apron, a worktop, walls and a floor in the working area should not be made in dark shades of olive, because on such a background there are very noticeable crumbs, spots, grease, and especially dust and water drops.

Tip 8. In the design of the olive kitchen is good to use floral and floral ornaments, as well as the traditional cell and geometric prints.

For example, it may be a chandelier decorated with wrought leaves, flowered curtains, wallpaper with a vegetable print. In a classic and rustic interior, an olive cell tartan or Vichy will be appropriate as in the photo below.

Olive Country Kitchen

Vichy cage in the interior of the olive kitchen in the traditional style

Olive country style kitchen with checkered curtains

Olive kitchen with tartan curtains

In modern kitchen is best to use geometric patterns and color blocks.

Tip 9. Warm colors metals are best combined with olive.

Furniture fittings, hardware, plumbing fixtures, lamps and decor in the olive kitchen is best to choose in warm shades of metal. For example, in classic interior the oven can have bronze fittings, the plumbing fixtures are brass, and the knobs of the headset and luminaire are in matte gold.

Olive cuisine with gold accents

However, cold metals and chrome can also be friends with olive color, but rather in modern interiors.

Modern olive kitchen

Tip 10. Actively use textiles in olive tones.

Firstly, the tablecloths, curtains, furniture upholstery and napkins in olive color look very cozy, and secondly, they are superpractical and it’s a sin not to use it when designing the kitchen.

Olive curtains in the kitchen interior

Olive curtains and decor in the interior of the kitchen

Photo Gallery

We suggest drawing design ideas for your olive cuisine in this selection of photos.

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