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Kitchen design and photo

Beautiful interior always begins with a good idea. If you have to plan kitchen design without the help of a professional, we offer to look for inspiration, fresh ideas of 2019 and ready-made successful solutions in our selection of 120 real-life interiors (mostly Russian apartments). Illustrative examples will help you imagine and think better. kitchen layout, color combinations, decoration materials, decor and furniture.

Here you can find interesting photos of kitchen design, and then, clicking on the corresponding active link, go to a more detailed article on the topic and learn how to recreate something similar at home.

15 kitchen design ideas with photos

Idea 1. Restrained interior with gold details.

If the interior of your kitchen is decorated with taste, but something is missing in it for the wow effect, then it is probably worth adding some gold to it. However, not necessarily gold. Bronze, brass, copper parts work even better.

Our advice: The main condition for success - the situation should not be too elegant, colorful, with an abundance of gloss, and gold accents should be quite a bit. For example, it can be: lamps, headset handles, mixer, picture frames, table accessories.

If you are equipping a kitchen from scratch and doubt the choice of colors, we recommend choosing a simple and win-win scheme: gold details + furniture and walls of neutral shades (gray, milky, beige).

Brass details in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

For details, see the material: Golden color in the interior of the kitchen

Idea 2. Monochrome white kitchen - simple and stylish.

When the walls, floor and kitchen are white, the boundaries of space seem to disappear and even the small kitchen begins to seem spacious, filled with light and air. By the way, white surfaces are not brand at all and require the same care as surfaces of any other color. Moreover, they are much more practical than dark materials, and even the biggest mess on a light background looks less annoying.

Our advice: In order for the monochrome white interior not to resemble a hospital ward, you need to use a lot of “contrasting” textures and materials. White brick, gloss, glass, white wood, ceramics, textiles and stucco - all this will make the kitchen cozy and stylish, and not sterile and boring.

White small kitchen in Stalinka

White kitchen design in Stalinka

Design white monochrome kitchen

Kitchen design in the studio

For details, see the material: All about interior design white kitchen

Idea 3. Gray kitchen

Gray is a more fashionable and practical replacement for white or beige. It is ideal for both kitchen and wall decoration. Shades of gray have a lot of advantages: they are practical, combined with all colors, counterbalance the abundance of decor and bright colors in the interior and generally enhance the design of the kitchen. In addition, gray walls and furniture have the ability to look equally good in both artificial and natural light.

Gray set in the interior of the country kitchen

Gray set in the interior of the country kitchen

  • Classic gray kitchen
    Classic gray kitchen
  • Modern kitchen-living room in Khrushchev
    Modern kitchen-living room in the redeveloped Khrushchev
Gray kitchen-living room

Kitchen-living room design in gray-lilac tones

For details, see the material: All about the use of gray in the interior of the kitchen

Idea 4. Kitchen design in white and yellow tones

White interior with yellow accents - the perfect solution for the dark northern kitchens. The fact is that yellow shades can replace sunlight and act on households as an antidepressant and energy drink. The main thing - do not overdo it with the dosage, since in large volumes this color can be annoying. In this selection of photos you can see photo examples of the design of the kitchen with yellow walls.

  • Yellow and white kitchen
  • White kitchen with yellow wallpaper

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Idea 5. Russian style cuisine

Conventional "Russian style" of the interior can be different, for example, dacha, Soviet, manor or old Moscow. Choose the direction that is closest to you, think carefully about the color scheme, use only natural materials whenever possible and try not to overdo it with prints, decor and color. If everything is done correctly, the interior of the kitchen in the Russian style will be very cozy and stylish.

  • Kitchen interior in the style of Russian country house
    Kitchen interior in the style of Russian country house
  • Kitchen design in the Russian style

But a selection of photo examples of the design of the dining area in the Russian style.

  • Dining area in the Russian style

Our advice: Sometimes two or three iconic accessories or decorative items are enough to create the desired mood. For example, a samovar, a collection of Gzhel or Zhostovo trays can be inscribed in a kitchen design as in the photo below.

Zhostovo trays in the interior of the kitchen

Idea 6. Motley tiles on the floor and / or in the decoration of the apron

The colorful tiles (metlahskaya tiles, azulezhu, eastern and Russian tiles), despite their brightness, are quite universal. It fits in like classicalso and modern interior, it looks good in both the decoration of the floor and the apron, both in the design of a small kitchen and in the spacious one. For example, in a small kitchen, tile with patterns, attracting glances at themselves, distracts them from the crowded rooms, and in a large room brings a feeling of comfort to the interior.

Tile-type tiles

Design a small kitchen with motley tiles in Khrushchev

  • Colorful tiles on the kitchen floor

Blue and blue color in the interior of the kitchen

Our advice:

  • Motley tiles look best in a monochrome interior, with walls / furniture in discreet colors.
  • If your apron / floor is already trimmed with ordinary ceramic tiles, then you can paint it with special stencils and chalk paints, for example, from Daria Geiler. Below in the photo you can see an example. alterations of facades and apron using only one paint and stencils.
  • Old kitchen before rework
    Old kitchen before rework

Idea 7. Kitchen with window sill-bar counter

If you are planning a kitchen design from scratch, then it is worth considering the idea of ​​reworking the window sill into a bar counter. On a big kitchen-dining room or in the presence of a separate dining room, the bar counter can play the role of a table for breakfast and snacks, and in a small kitchen it will become a compact replacement for the dining table, saving space for a working area and storage system. Here are some photos of kitchen interiors with window-sills.

  • Kitchen with built-in window sill

Bar counter on the windowsill

  • Sill-bar counter irregular shape

For details, see the material: 12 tips on arranging the kitchen table-sill

Idea 8. Magnetic slate wall

Magnetic slate wall can not only look cool in the interior of the kitchen, but also bring practical benefits. It is convenient to leave notes for households, write recipes, lists of food and things, as well as fasten magnetic shelves, hooks and containers for spices.

Our advice: If you want to make a chalk wall thoroughly and for a long time, it is better to use either a ready-made magnetic slate board or slate paint. If the slate surface is needed for only a year or two, then the wall should be decorated with self-adhesive chalky wallpaper - they are inexpensive, easily glued and peel off.

Slate board in the interior of the kitchen

Modern kitchen design with chalk walls

With the chalk wall you don’t have to worry about the children's drawings on the walls.

Chalk board in scandinavian style kitchen

Modern kitchen design with chalk walls

Slate wall

Slate may be an apron.

The design of a small kitchen-dining room with a slate apron

The design of a small kitchen-dining room with a slate apron

Slate apron

Slate apron

  • Chalk apron

Idea 9. Mirrors

The most effective way to visually enlarge the space and make it brighter is ... hang a large mirror on the wall. The main thing is that it be tempered or plastic (so safer) and fixed away from the stove and sink (so more practical).

Our advice: hanging a mirror opposite the window, you can increase the lighting and create the illusion of the second window.

Mirrors in the interior of a small kitchen-dining room

An example of the design of a small kitchen mirrors

Mirror in the interior of a classic kitchen in Stalin

Mirror in the design of a classic kitchen in Stalin

The mirror above the bar

Kitchen design in redesigned Khrushchev

Kitchen Design Studio

Kitchen Design Studio

For details, see the material: Guide to the choice of mirrors for facing and decorating the kitchen

Idea 10. Kitchen with sofa

A small sofa will allow you to comfortably watch TV in the kitchen, arrange cozy gatherings with friends and, if necessary, accommodate guests.

  • Leather sofa in the interior of the kitchen
Sofa with a mechanism French folding bed

Design project of studio apartment

Sofa upholstered in kitchen

If you want to give the kitchen a more ceremonial look, use an elegant stool or ottoman.

  • Banquette in the interior of the kitchen

Our advice: If the kitchen is small, the sofa can be replaced with a bench or a kitchenette with built-in storage boxes like these photos.

  • Kitchen design with bench

Idea 11. Transparent furniture

Another super trick for design small kitchens - the use of transparent furniture. Tables and chairs made of polycarbonate look very stylish, they are quite durable and practical, and most importantly - do not clutter up the space.

Sun mirror in the interior of the kitchen

  • Transparent dining group

Idea 12. In the spotlight - a dining table.

Often, we arrange the dining area in the kitchen so that it is primarily comfortable, roomy and practical. But why not give it a more ceremonial look? After all, this is possible regardless of the size of the kitchen and the size of the table. You only need to: visually or physically separate the dining area from the working area, light the table with wall sconces, lampshade or a beautiful chandelier and decorate it with accessories.

dining area in the kitchen-living room in Khrushchev

Dining area in the kitchen-living room in Khrushchev

Design classic beige kitchen

Dining area in the small kitchen

Dining area in a small kitchen in the stalinka

Small kitchen-dining room in Stalinka

Here are some more photo examples of kitchen design with an elegant table.

  • Dining area in the interior of the kitchen

Idea 13. Kitchen set to match the walls

When the color of the walls and facades of the headset coincide, it seems that there is no furniture in the kitchen at all. This technique is good to use not only in small rooms, but also in the case U-shaped, double row or island planning.

Kitchen set to match the walls

Idea 14. Accent wall

Highlighting the accent wall is an excellent technique for decorating and zoning a kitchen (for example, you can designate a dining area), and sometimes a way to save on expensive finishing. In the traditional interior, you can decorate the wall with a fresco depicting a classic plot, wallpaper with a floral pattern or artistic painting.

  • Classic-style kitchen design
    Classic-style kitchen design
  • Kitchen design with fresco

Flowers on the wall of a classic kitchen

In the design of modern cuisine (especially Scandinavian style) it is appropriate more colorful design accent wall. It can be painted in a bright color, pasted over with motley wallpaper or photo wallpaper, painted with paints.

  • Scandinavian style kitchen

White kitchen with accent wall

  • Scandinavian style kitchen with painted wall
    Scandinavian style kitchen with painted wall

Idea 15. Less cabinets - more shelves

Full or partial rejection of wall cabinets will visually relieve the space. To compensate for the lack of storage spaces can be open shelves or a block of vertical column cabinets (one wall).

Our advice: Hanging shelves are better not to get involved, since they still require more frequent cleaning than closed cabinets.

  • Kitchen without wall cabinets

And a few more ideas in the photo gallery below:

Kitchen without wall cabinets with column cabinets

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