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Kitchen design in the Russian style
Russian cuisine in a city apartment
We find out how to create a cozy kitchen with a Russian soul with the help of 7 tips and 30 beautiful interior photos in the style of a Russian country house, a nobleman’s estate, a Soviet retro and a village hut.
Mediterranean style kitchen design
Mediterranean-style cuisine: 8 design tips
How to create in the kitchen a relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere in a city apartment so that the interior is not fake, practical and does not resonate with the cold climate of our country? We offer 8 design tips and 50 photos for inspiration.
Cafe style kitchen
Cafe style guide in kitchen interior
We create the atmosphere of a French bistro, an Italian trattoria, an English bakery or an American cafe of the fifties in the kitchen with the help of 10 design ideas with 90 photo examples.
country style kitchen in a city apartment
Country in the city - create a rustic kitchen from scratch
How to create an atmosphere of a Russian manor, an English cottage, a French Provence, an American ranch or a Scandinavian villa in your kitchen in a regular city apartment? We understand the creation of a "village" design with your own hands later in the article.