English style kitchen - from decoration to decor

English style in the interior of the kitchen

Everyone imagines the "English style" and in particular the kitchen in the English style in its own way.

  • For some, the English interior is an old-fashioned setting in a Victorian-era cottage, for others it is a cozy country house, for the third it is a chebby chic of the 80s-90s, and for some it is a modern design in the spirit of “Cool Britannia”.

And all because, strictly speaking, it can only be conditionally called a style. Rather, it is simply a mixture of the features of Gothic, Neo-Gothic, Baroque, Chinese, colonial motifs, as well as the iconic symbols of British culture and history.

  • The interior of the kitchen in the English style and curtains in the form of the British flag

However, any stylistic framework is always a convention. Therefore, in order to create an English mood in your kitchen, you just need to trust in your personal understanding of Anglomancy, our tips and inspiring photos.

The main features of the English style

So, in the interior of the kitchen in the English style you need to beat the following characteristics:

  • Key features of the style: comfort, following the traditions, conservatism, comfort, seclusion (even crampedness), habitability (almost “littering”);
  • Color spectrum: warm muted and deep shades - brown (woody), beige, terracotta, mustard, red, burgundy ("Victorian red"), green, etc.
  • Materials: only natural, good, can be artificially aged;
  • Prints: cell, strip, heraldry, floral patterns and roses can decorate curtains, wallpaper, furniture upholstery, napkins, etc.

English Country Kitchen

  • Decor: An abundance of textiles is characteristic (combined curtains, upholstered furniture, tablecloths, etc.). Decor items must be present in large numbers and probably appear antique or handmade. Accessories in the spirit of the 60s are suitable for a modern interior: bulldogs, red telephone booths, Union Jack, The Beatles posters, etc.

English style kitchen in the spirit of the 60s

  • Sources of inspiration: books of Agatha Christie, films about Sherlock Holmes, pig Little Beibe.

Englishman's kitchen from scratch


Wooden floors are suitable for flooring, for example, floorboard or floors reliably imitating wood, such as high-quality laminate with chamfers and texture.

Finishing the floor in the kitchen in the English style

More practical option - ceramic tiles/porcelain stoneware natural colors ("under the stone") or in a checker as in the upper right photo, for example. Pay special attention to the baseboards - they must be high.


For wall cladding matte paints are suitable as in the photo below, and better wallpaper (seemingly paper or textile).

Green walls in the interior of the kitchen in the English style

If the area allows, the lower part of the wall can be decorated with wooden wall panels - buazeri or clapboard.

Kitchen apron is decorated with square tiles or format "Hog" (next photo), such a tile in England is called "Metro", since it was she who faced the London subway.

Apron Kabanchik

  • Classic wallpaper in the English style is always in the cell, vertical stripes or flowers, namely in the rose.
  • Checkered wallpaper in the English-style kitchen
  • To decorate the walls of a small kitchen, choose wallpaper of light warm colors with a small and / or unobtrusive print.
  • Wallpaper in the cell in the interior of the kitchen
  • A large kitchen in the English style should be made more cozy and cozier with the help of the rich color of the walls - dark green or burgundy as in the photo below.

Red walls in the interior of the kitchen in the English style

  • If the kitchen has low ceilings, the striped wallpaper will visually lift them.
  • Striped wallpaper on the kitchen in the English style


Ceilings should be dull, if desired, they can be decorated with decorative, but well-trimmed beams or moldings and moldings.


Kitchen set must be wooden ("Under the tree") and framed, but the additional decor - carving, pilasters and balustrades can only be afforded if the footage of the kitchen allows, otherwise they will overload the interior.

Wooden classic kitchen

If the Charleston sofa and armchairs with ears are typical for an English living room, for English cuisine there are wooden chairs, especially with textile or leather upholstery, benches and ottomans would be appropriate.

  • Classic English style lunch group

Tables are especially typical. round or oval.

  • English style furniture

English style dining room design

Household appliances and plumbing

Household appliances preferred built-in, hidden behind the facades of the headset. The visible technique in retro style will harmoniously fit into the interior of the kitchen in the classic English style, but in its modern variation the Smeg type is more pertinent.

Appliances and plumbing in retro style

Plumbing is also better to choose a stylized. Washing according to the canon is ceramic as in the photo above, the mixer is a bronze or brass two-valve type.


In order not to spoil the carefully built kitchen design, you need to light it properly. In the cozy English kitchen will not allow cold bright artificial light. Much more harmonious will be warm or white ceiling, and better local lighting in the form of floor lamps and sconce.

Lighting sconces

The lamps themselves can resemble lanterns, barn lamps and, of course, candelabra. Relevant chandeliers in the style of Tiffany, with floral decoration, forged, glass, wooden details.

Lamps in the English style in the interior of the kitchen

Curtains and table textiles

Curtains are an important attribute in the English kitchen interior. They can be heavy and multi-layered, for example, consist of roman curtainsand curtain lambrequin.

In the kitchen in the style of English country is better to hang curtains cafe.

Curtains cafe in the kitchen in the style of English country

Of course, the prim snakes of Old England accept only natural fabrics. But since we are talking about a modern kitchen, it is better to purchase more practical curtains from good blended materials.

  • Window decoration and table textiles in the British-style kitchen (tablecloths, runners, napkins, potholders) should overlap with the design of the walls, furniture, or the rest of the decor in color or pattern.

Little kitchen in English style

  • Truly English curtains - in a rose.
  • English-style kitchen with curtains in rose


The British inherited from the Victorian era the love of filling the space to the maximum. The decor reflects the stereotypical images of the culture of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: love for horses and dogs, passion for gardening, five-hour tea drinking, honoring of the royal family, etc.

Images of hunting dogs on English-style kitchen accessories

  • The theme of roses in the decor in the English style

So, for example, plates on the walls are always with roses, on the shelves - a lot of books on cooking, jars with bulk products, in the window - porcelain and tea sets, the walls are also decorated with classic engravings, herbaria, paintings, clocks.

English style kitchen decor

English style kitchen decor

Highlight your Anglomancy accessories with reference to travel brands in the UK and London, in particular: a red phone booth, Big Ben, a double-decker bus, Union Jack and English memes like Keep Calm and carry on as shown in the photo below.

English style kitchen decor

Kitchen accessories in the English style

Refrigerator in the form of a phone booth

By the way, the English kitchen design is very harmoniously combined with Russian motifs and decor items, for example, with a stove with tiles, a samovar, a lamp shade, Gzhel or pavlovo-posad painting.

  • English style kitchen and Russian samovar

If you want to create a kitchen design in the style of "Swinging London", then the decor should be completely different. The interior will be decorated with posters with images of cult British musicians like The Rolling Stones and Freddie Mercury, the British flag, bulldog figurines and others with signs of the mods subculture and the rock waves of the 60s.

  • English style kitchen
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