How to cook chicken breasts - 3 recipes for every day

How to cook chicken breast

Chicken breasts without bones and peels - what could be more boring? They have so little fat that they often turn out to be dry, tough and tasteless. At the same time, chicken fillet is the ideal basis for lunch and dinner, it is available, useful and quickly prepared. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to make breasts juicy and tender if you know a few win-win recipes and 5 key principles of cooking chicken.

Recipe 1. How to cook chicken breast in a pan quickly and tasty

Need a chicken for Caesar salad, hot pasta base or just delicious PP breasts? Then this recipe is for you. It requires some trust, but believe me - it always works. Quick and easy.

  • Why does this method require trust? The fact is that in the process of cooking chicken you can not look under the cover to check its readiness. The method does not imply either frying or stewing or baking. The secret is to gild, and then allow them to later in their own juice in a frying pan with the lid closed. We promise, if you follow the recipe exactly, you will not be disappointed.

Juicy breast


  • Chicken Breasts / Chicken Fillet;
  • Salt;
  • Freshly ground black pepper;
  • 1 tablespoon olive or butter.


  • Hammer for beating (you can replace the glass with a thick bottom or a can);
  • A frying pan with a lid (any suitable).


  1. Using a glass or a special hammer, evenly repel chicken breasts, so that they turn out to be of the same thickness of about 1.5 cm (with an adult finger). Moreover, the size of the breasts is not important, only their thickness matters.

  1. Lightly salt and pepper the chicken.

  1. Heat a griddle over high heat (but not maximum). When it warms up, add olive oil (or butter). Oil should cover the bottom of the pan.
  2. Put the chicken breasts in the pan and fry them for 1 minute, without turning or moving. Our goal at this stage is not to fry, but only podzolot a crust (on the one hand).

  1. After 1 minute, turn over each chicken breast and reduce the heat to minimum (!). Next, cover the pan with a lid and cook breasts on low heat for 10 minutes. All this time, do not lift the lid and do not touch the fillet.

  1. After 10 minutes, turn off the heat (if you use an electric stove, then remove the pan from the hob). Then again 10 seconds and leave the chicken breasts in the same closed frying pan. Again, do not lift the lid, give the breast a good “steam”.
  • However, if you are in a hurry, you can skip the “bath” stage, the chicken will still be delicious.
  1. Finally, remove the lid and make sure that the breast is ready (the inside should be without a pink center). Slice the chicken and serve. Enjoy your meal!

Express breast

Experiment Tip:

  • You can also breaded chicken breasts in flour before cooking. Breading will not allow the juice to evaporate and the breasts will be very juicy. Simply season the flour with spices, salt, pepper, or fresh herbs, roll the chicken in this mixture, and then fry. And remember that you only need to turn the breasts after their crusts turn golden.
  • Prepare even more delicious chicken breasts can be pickled in marinade.

Recipe 2. Super juicy chicken breast baked in the oven

How to cook chicken breast in the oven to make it soft and juicy? There is one simple trick - baking in parchment paper. Parchment replaces the skin skin and does not allow them to dry.

  • This recipe is good because it allows you to cook several breasts at once for a large family dinner or stock up on lunches for the week ahead.

Chicken breasts baked in the oven


  • Chicken breast without bones and skin (1 or more);
  • Cream or olive oil;
  • Salt and pepper;
  • Spices and seasonings (optional).

Dishes and tools:

  • Baking pan;
  • A sheet of parchment paper (it should be larger than the shape / baking sheet).


  1. Heat the oven to 200 °, then grease the baking pan and a sheet of parchment paper (only one side).
  2. Prepare chicken fillet: salt, pepper, season with any of your favorite spices and herbs (optional). If desired, grease the breasts with a small amount of oil.

Breast preparation for baking

  1. Put the breasts in shape so that they lie loose. If desired, lemon slices and fresh herbs can be laid out next to the chicken for an even richer flavor and taste.
  2. Cover the chicken fillets with the greaseproof side down. Next, wrap the edges of the parchment sheet and press it against the edges of the form / baking tray and against the breasts themselves so that it fits them tightly and completely.

Parchment paper

  1. Bake chicken breasts in the oven for no more than 30-40 minutes (on the middle shelf). If you have a thermal probe, then be guided by the readiness temperature of 75 ° (you can check in 20 minutes) Enjoy your meal!

Recipe 3. Fried breasts stuffed with spinach, cheese and garlic

If you are looking for a simple, but not banal recipe for cooking chicken breasts, then be sure to take this recipe to note. Moreover, it is very easy to improvise and experiment with them. For example, breasts can not only be fried, but can also be baked in a sleeve or foil; mixtures of any cheese and vegetables can be used as a filling.

  • Stuffed breasts are a great idea for a dinner or a Sunday lunch. Also, this recipe can help out in a “guests on the doorstep” situation.

Stuffed Fried Breasts


  • 4 chicken breasts (the bigger and thicker they are, the better!);
  • Packing frozen spinach (it must be thawed according to the manufacturer's instructions, and then squeezed);
  • 1 cup of cream cheese (it is better to use mascarpone or Philadelphia cheese, but any curd cream cheese, for example, from Almette or Syrko, will do);
  • ½ cup mozzarella (you can use any dry, semi-soft cheese, such as cheddar, goudou or feta);
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic;
  • 1 teaspoon salt, pepper to taste;
  • Butter or vegetable oil.

Dishes and tools:

  • Pan;
  • Sharp knife;
  • Grater;
  • Toothpicks.


  1. With a sharp small knife, carefully cut a pocket in each breast, then salt and pepper the breasts on the outside and inside of the pockets.
  • How to make pockets? Squeeze the breast with your hand, gently insert the tip of the knife into its thickest part and pierce the hole to a depth of about 7-8 cm, then sliding along the breast, cut it into about of length (the main thing is not completely).
  • Stuffed Breasts Step 1
  1. Prepare the filling: rub the cheese on a medium grater, then mix it with cream cheese, spinach (pre-thawed) and chopped garlic.

Chicken Breast Filling

  1. Fill the pockets of chicken breasts with a filling, using a tablespoon or hands. Next, secure the edges of the pockets with toothpicks so that the filling does not fall out during cooking.

Stuffing breasts

  1. Heat a frying pan with a little oil on medium high heat and fry breasts on each side until golden brown as shown in this photo (this will take about 5-7 minutes on each side).

Breast Roasting

  1. 5 minutes after preparation, cut the breasts into pieces with a clean knife as shown in the photo below. So the dish will be more convenient to eat, and its appearance will become even more appetizing.

Preparing for submission

Stuffed Fried Breasts

5 principles of cooking delicious chicken breasts

Knowing these 5 key principles of making delicious chicken breasts, you will learn how to improvise and invent your own recipes.

  1. Chicken fillets are cooked quickly, otherwise they become dry. The ideal frying time is 5-7 minutes on each side. The optimal baking time for medium-sized chicken breasts is 30-40 minutes.
  2. Before frying the breast, it is desirable to beat it off to soften the fibers of the meat.
  3. To make chicken breast tasty you need to use “traps” for its fat and juices. For example, it can be flour / bread crumbs, thick sauce, baking paper, foil, or a sleeve.
  4. If you want to cut the chicken fillet into pieces or servings, then do it strictly across the fibers of the meat.
  5. Any breast will be soft and juicy, if you pre-marinate it.
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