Classic Olivier with sausage - 8-step recipe with photos

Recipe olivier

The main principle of cooking Olivier is simple: all ingredients must be present in a salad in equal parts. Calculate the number of products most conveniently by the number of eggs. Since 1 egg weighs 45-50 g, then 50 g of all the other fillings should be added to each egg in the salad. Following this principle, you can cook Olivier in any variations (whether with sausage, meat, chicken or tongue), without looking at the culinary sites.

For example, for 1 egg, there is 1 medium potato (about 50 g), any meat filling is 50 g (but more is possible!), Carrots - 50 g, pickled cucumber - 1 medium or 2 small ones. Green peas, onions and mayonnaise for cooking Olivier can be taken less - about 25 grams (1 tbsp. With a slide) for each egg.

By the number of eggs in Olivier, it is convenient to calculate the number of servings: 1 egg in a salad = 2 medium servings of Olivier.

  • To cook a large bowl of Olivier for the New Year and enjoy it for several days, usually take 10 eggs, 10 potatoes, a whole jar of cucumbers, a jar of green peas, 1 large onion and 1-1.5 cups of mayonnaise.

Oh, yes, on the January holidays it is on this supply of lettuce that we pick up the happiest kilos! Well, enough theory, it's time to start practicing.

Classic Olivier in 8 steps

Servings: 3 large portions or medium bowl of salad.

Time for preparing: 50-60 minutes.

Ingredients for Olivier


  • Boiled "Doctor" sausage - 150 g;
  • Potato - 3 pieces (medium);
  • Pickled cucumbers - 3-4 medium;
  • Chicken egg - 3 pieces;
  • Canned green peas - 3 tbsp. spoons (with a slide);
  • Salt to taste (about ½ h. Spoons);
  • Onions (onion floor or more);
  • Mayonnaise to taste (3-6 tablespoons).

Optionally, you can add / replace:

  • 1 medium carrot;
  • Olives - 120-150 grams (they sometimes replace cucumbers);
  • Quail eggs, greens or red caviar for decoration;
  • Pickled cucumbers can be replaced with fresh ones (for example, for the summer Olivier) or salted (but not too soft);
  • For a light Olivier mayonnaise can be replaced by mayonnaise-sour cream sauce. For this, mayonnaise and sour cream are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 or 2: 3.

Olivier in a bowl

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Boil whole potatoes in a uniform and cool. Cooking time - 20 minutes after boiling. If you want to add carrots to Olivier, then it should be washed and boiled together with potatoes (no need to peel) in the same way for about 20 minutes.
  • To add carrots to Olivier or not is a matter of personal preference. There is an opinion (and we agree with him) that boiled carrots add unnecessary sweetness to the salad. Without it, Olivier loses nothing and becomes more versatile, which is good if you do not know the tastes of the guests.

Cooking Potatoes

  1. Cook hard boiled eggs (8-10 minutes after boiling) and cool.

  1. While the potatoes and eggs are boiled, cut the cucumbers and sausage into small cubes.

Cucumbers with sausage

  1. Add green peas, pre-drain water from the jar.

  1. Dice cooled and peeled eggs.

Cucumber sausage-peas-eggs

  1. Remove the skin from the cooled potatoes, cut it into cubes.


  1. Finely chop the onion. We used only half of the average onion, but in fact it was possible to put more.
  • Often, Olivier is cooked without onions, but in our opinion it is onions - the very secret ingredient that makes the salad especially tasty and homemade.

  1. Season salad with mayonnaise, salt to taste and mix thoroughly. Done! It remains only to decorate the dish and serve. You can see the photo ideas of the beautiful New Year's presentation of Olivier at the end of the article.


  1. Can't stand to cut sticky boiled potatoes and carrots? Hurry up and want to save 10 minutes of time? Then cut the vegetables raw and then boil, adding ½ tbsp to the water. spoon 9% vinegar. The cooking time of vegetables after boiling water will be about 10 minutes. Believe me, there will be no difference in taste, but the cubes will be neat, they will brew and cool much faster.

Lifehack Olivier

  1. To make all the ingredients of Olivier look more appetizing and lay like eggs to eggs, before adding mayonnaise, pour some milk into the salad and mix.
  2. Potatoes, carrots, eggs and meat are best cooked in the evening. So in the morning they will be, firstly, cooled and ready for cutting, and secondly, they will not turn into porridge with stirring.
  3. If you are making a salad on the eve of the holiday, then, to prevent its oxidation and premature spoilage, add onions and mayonnaise immediately before the feast. The same advice is relevant if you want to cook Olivier for the future for a few days in advance.
  4. To easily peel boiled eggs, immediately after cooking, pour and hold them under a stream of cold water.
  5. To quickly cool the boiled eggs, vegetables and meat, put them on the balcony or to the open window.

Why Olivier can get tasteless?

To spoil Olivier is quite difficult, but you can, if:

  • Dig the potatoes - the salad will turn into mashed potatoes with sausage and vegetables.
  • Use tasteless mayonnaise and sausage, cucumbers or hard peas - the taste of these ingredients plays an important role in Olivier, so it is better to choose proven and high-quality products.
  • Use too much mayonnaise - it can turn a salad into an unappetizing mess and kill the taste of other ingredients.

4 popular variations by Olivier

Olivier Meat Salad

Meat salad is the same Olivier with only beef. Often they add an apple (1 per 250 g of meat) and dill. Meat for Olivier should be soft, so it is better to cook it in advance and longer (about 2 hours).

Beef for Olivier


  • If you pre-cut the meat into small pieces or immediately into cubes, the cooking time will be reduced to 1 hour (after boiling water).
  • It is better to cool the meat in the broth, so it will be more juicy and tasty. The board is also relevant for boiled chicken and pork / beef tongue.

Salad "Stolichny" (Olivier with chicken)

To prepare a salad "Stolichny", chicken fillet or breasts (without skin and bones) can not only boil, but also fry. To do this, first beat the fillets, fry on a small amount of butter, then remove the excess fat from the finished chops with paper napkins and, finally, cut them into cubes.

Olivier with beef tongue (or pork)

Pork or beef tongue is an excellent filling for the festive version of Olivier, because it is much softer than beef and more refined than sausage. Here's a way to make a salad tongue:

  1. Dip it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, then drain the water.
  2. Put the tongue in a pan with pure hot water, bring it to a boil, salt, pepper, season the tongue (to taste) and cook on medium heat for about 1 hour. Before cutting the tongue needs to be cooled.

Olivier with tongue

Dietary Olivier

Dietary Olivier is made from equal parts: chicken fillet, boiled carrots, egg whites, fresh cucumbers, green peas and sour cream (or a mixture of light mayonnaise with light 10% sour cream).

How beautiful to bring Olivier to the table - a selection of photo ideas

Salad Olivier difficult to surprise, because we eat it every holiday. But you can show your sense of taste and decorate the table at the expense of a beautiful salad.Here are a few simple, cute and not unremarkable photo-ideas for a note.

Russian salad

Laying Olivier

Laying Olivier

Laying Olivier

Laying Olivier

Laying Olivier

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