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Kitchen without handles
Kitchen without handles - 6 solutions for modern interiors
Pens on a classic headset, just like the cherry on the cake, only decorate it. With modern kitchens, the situation is different - often typical brackets deprive them of elegance. Learn how to opt out of pens, and how convenient it is in everyday life, and also draw on design ideas from a selection of 85 photos.
How to choose a wooden countertop
Wooden Counter Top Guide
Choose the perfect kitchen countertop from wood, following 9 tips and drawing design ideas from a selection of 50 photos.
U-shaped kitchen design
How to equip the U-shaped kitchen
All about how to equip U-shaped kitchen on an area of ​​5 square meters. meters and do it well. Further in the article 12 design tips and 55 photos of examples of U-shaped headsets.
Bar stools for the kitchen
Bar Stool Guide
We are preparing to buy the perfect bar stools with the help of a 5-step guide of choice, as well as 30 photos of various models in the interior.
sofa in the interior of the kitchen
Sofa expert - choose a sofa in the kitchen
How profitable to beat the sofa bed in the interior of the kitchen? Which transformation mechanism will last a long time, and which one is better not to buy? Where to put a straight or corner sofa? What to pay attention to while standing in the store? We answer these and other questions later in the article.
round and oval tables in the interior of the kitchen
Round and oval tables - comfort and style for a cozy kitchen
Even the smallest kitchen with a round or oval table can turn into a front mini-dining room and a center for family communication. But how comfortable, practical and roomy they are? We understand the rules for choosing round and oval dining tables later in the article.