Bar counter in the kitchen: 7 decorating ideas, 8 design tips and 60 photos

Kitchen with bar counter

The bar counter is an excellent addition to the dining table or a worthy replacement when the kitchen is very small. After all, with all its compactness, it is convenient to have breakfast, snack, cook, make homemade buffets and even work. And she can deftly divide the combined space, say, the kitchen-living room, into zones. In this article we will describe how to plan a kitchen design with a bar counter and choose the most suitable option in size and design.

About the types and options for the location of the bar

Most often the bar counter is equipped as follows:

  • Stationary peninsular. The bar table of the peninsular type with one end rests against the wall. This option is especially good for kitchen in the studio or kitchen combined with living room, dining room, corridor or loggia, as it is located as a partition between zones.

Bar counter-peninsula

Small bar counter

Studio kitchen with breakfast bar

Bar counter in the kitchen in Khrushchev

Bar counter in the kitchen in the studio apartment Khrushchev

  • Based on window sill. The window sill is almost ready bar counter, because it is enough to change the tabletop in it and, perhaps, to install one or two legs. Thus, the "bar window sill" allows not only to save space, but also to eat and enjoy the view from the window. However, inconveniences are also possible - a radiator resting on the legs, cold from the window, the need to remove all items from the tabletop before opening the window wide open. Often the window sill-bar counter is built into the kitchen (in this case, the window is raised). Below is a selection of photo examples of window sills.
  • Sill-bar counter

Sill-bar counter

And here is an example of a bar counter embedded in a wall on small kitchen in "Khrushchev".

Kitchen 5.6 square meters. meters in Khrushchev

The design of a small kitchen with a bar near the window

See also the material: Window sill and its variations - tabletop, bar, table.

  • The wall - is a stationary bar counter, installed along the wall. Due to its small depth and the presence of only one free side, it is super-compact. For a narrow and small kitchen - ideal.
Wall bar counter

Interior narrow kitchen with a bar

Wall bar counter

For very small kitchens fit folding wall table as in the photo below.

Folding bar counter

  • Island - stand, which is part of a multifunctional table-island, in which a sink, stove and other household appliances can be embedded. Ideal for spacious kitchens from 20 square meters. m. The shape of the island, as a rule, corresponds to the shape of the room, and the size is chosen so that the passage around the table is no longer 1 meter.

Island bar counter

Island with a bar

  • Built-in headset - stand, built-in L-or U-shaped set and turning into the kitchen countertop. At the same time, it can be placed both at the window and along the wall, used as a peninsula, and as an additional working surface.

Built-in bar counter

Built-in bar counter

Built-in bar counter

  • Kitchen-living room with a bar
    Bar counter between the kitchen and the living room in the "stalinka"

The built-in bar counter may be higher than the level of the tabletop.

  • Studio apartment with a bar in the kitchen
  • Built-in two-level bar counter
    Two-level bar counter

And still the bar counter can be built in not only in the headsets as a continuation of the table top, but also in such a shallow block of cabinets-columns.

Bar counter in a small kitchen in a niche

  • Bar counter-transformer. Folding, sliding, folding, sliding and mobile little tables can be carried to this category. Transforming table can replace the dining table in the mini-kitchen, add to the working tabletop or, if necessary, increase the number of seats at the stationary counter.

Retractable bar counter

Bar counter-transformer

Folding bar table

Folding bar counter

  • Rack in a through niche of an interroom partition - non-standard option of arrangement of a bilateral bar counter when the table-top is as if in a window.
Bar counter in the kitchen combined with the hallway

Bar counter between kitchen and living room

Bar counter in the kitchen combined with the hallway

Bar counter in the partition

About the size of the bar and bar stools

The minimum depth of the tabletop should be at least 35 cm, and ideally 55-60 cm or more, if the kitchen area allows. The main thing is that the distance from the legs of the person sitting to the wall or the support should be not less than 25 cm.

Narrow bar counter

The size of one seat at the table, and accordingly the bar stool must be at least 60 cm wide.

  • The standard height of the bar, designed for medium height, is about 110-120 centimeters. Then the height of standard bar stools should be 75-85 cm.

If the stand is performed at a non-standard height, for example, when built into the headset at the level of the tabletop, the chairs are selected with adjustable height and are adjusted on the basis of: table height minus 35-40 cm

See also the material: Bar counter dimensions.

About countertop materials and supports

The legs of the bar counters are usually made of wood, MDF or steel, but the underframe can be made up of virtually any strong building material, for example, from bricks, foam blocks, drywall or plywood.

Bar table-island with a basement of bricks

Table-island with a basement of bricks

As for the countertop, it is made from:

  • Wood (under oil, varnish or paint). Wooden table top is good for its natural beauty, durability, versatility, warmth and the possibility of restoration. In addition, it is easier to care for her, as it repels dust.
Bar counter made of wood from IKEA

Folding bar counter and wood chairs from IKEA

  • MDF - budget material imitating wood or stone. It is quite strong on impact and moisture resistant. The disadvantages of MDF include the toxicity and fragility of its decorative coating, especially the edges. If the edge is peeled off, the tabletop will release formaldehyde.
  • Chipboard - the most budget and least strong material, which, moreover, is toxic.
Bar counter of chipboard

Bar counter with chipboard top and chrome-plated metal leg

  • Glass table top good for its "light" and stylish appearance, moisture and fire resistance. But it is more difficult to care for and less comfortable to use due to the sonority, coldness and transparency of the material. In addition, the glass is quite fragile and is afraid of blows.
  • A natural stone - expensive, durable and very beautiful material, but, unfortunately, not perfect. Marble is afraid of acids, fat and food dyes, and granite is radioactive.

Marble bar counter

  • Fake diamond - excellent material for the tabletop, as it is durable, practical and beautiful. Can be installed seamlessly.

8 tips on kitchen design, selection and arrangement of the bar

Tip 1. The worktop and the underframe of the bar counter are most often chosen to match the kitchen worktops - from the same material and in the same tone. However, it can also match the color of the walls, window sill, apron and any other significant element of the interior.

Sill-bar counter built into the headset

Black bar counter

Kitchen-living room with a bar in black

Tip 2. Keep in mind that even the smallest crumbs, water droplets and stains will be visible on black, dark gray and dark brown surfaces. Light and medium saturation worktop suitable for a bar counter much more.

Tip 3. It is good if the bar stand is equipped with shelves, drawers, maybe even a wine cabinet.

Bar counter with shelves

  • Bar counter with shelves

But with accessories for countertops you should be careful and know the measure - because the abundance of hanging systems, shelves and carousels can overload the interior and bring a sense of confusion. Yes, and keep track of the order of open storage places is quite difficult. In our opinion, in most cases, a narrow wall cabinet as in the photo below is enough to fit in it frequently used glasses, glasses and other bar / kitchen items.

  • Mini-bar in the kitchen in Khrushchev
    Kitchen with a bar, combined with the living room in the apartment in "Khrushchev"

Read more about how and kaika accessories to choose for the bar, read more here.

Tip 4. It is desirable that the bar counter 110-120 cm high has a crossbar to support the legs. If there is no such crossbar, then it must necessarily be at the bar stools.

Tip 5. In order not to hit the corner of the tabletop every now and then, make it round.

Round bar counter

Round bar counter

If the kitchen is very crowded, then narrowing the countertop where it is needed, and expanding where area allows, you will make the kitchen more convenient to move. An example of such a solution is presented in the following photo slider.

  • Bar counter in a small kitchen

Tip 6. To the gatherings at the bar were cozy and comfortable, it should be properly illuminated. For this purpose, small suspensions, wall lamps, spotlights and mini-chandeliers are best suited.

  • Ideally, the light source should be located directly above the bar counter at a height of 70 cm (or more) from the table top.

Bar counter lighting

Bar counter lighting

Tip 7. Breakfast and snacks will be much more pleasant if you decorate the wall adjacent to the table with any decor. For example, a clock, a poster, a pair of photo frames or a narrow shelf with candles and other nice little things. The main thing with this - do not overdo it with the amount of jewelry.

Bar area design

Another great idea is the design of the bar area with a mirror. Thanks to him, the kitchen will seem brighter and more visually spacious.

Bar counter in the kitchen-living room

Bar counter between kitchen and living room with mirror

Bar counter in the kitchen-living room

Bar counter between kitchen and living room with mirror

Tip 8. Do you want the bar counter to clutter up the interior as little as possible? Choose a compact model with thin legs and complete it with transparent polycarbonate bar stools. Also, the bar counter does not clutter up the space, if it is decorated in the tone of the walls.

White Bar Table

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    The most important thing is not to clutter up the bar with all sorts of rubbish, do not overdo it with accessories. This is especially true in small kitchens where there is little light. I deliberately put up a rack so that in a small space there was more “airiness”. In addition, the table would eat a lot of space in my 6 squares.

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