Round and oval tables - comfort and style for a cozy kitchen

round and oval tables in the interior of the kitchen

Oval and round kitchen tables have the following advantages:

  1. Total absence of corners, which guarantees safety.
  2. The rounded table top looks smart and elegant.
  3. All dishes are placed in the center and are equidistant from everyone sitting at the table.
  4. Round surfaces unite, bring together and create comfort in communication.
  5. Multivariate materials and decors, the ability to choose the option that is appropriate in the interior of any style.

Round Dining Table

Worktop Materials

So, round and oval kitchen tables are:

  1. Glass. Glass is a wonderful material. It does not absorb odors, is resistant to temperature and moisture. However, such a tabletop requires double care, because traces from dishes or from greasy hands will be visible. But the complexity in the care does not stop those who appreciate the elegance, transparency and lightness of the glass - this table looks great and, moreover, reflects the light, and thus contributes to the visual expansion of the space.
  • Round glass table in the kitchen interior
  1. Wooden. Of all the types of natural wood, ash, oak or beech is most often used. Each of these options will look like a win-win. classic, Provencal interior or country style. You can even find models suitable for hi-tech - it all depends on the particular decor chosen. The splendor of natural texture limits the use of only one drawback - low wear resistance, so wood is necessarily covered with special protective compounds. In addition, it is one of the most expensive materials.

Wooden round table in the interior of the kitchen

Wooden round table in the interior of the kitchen

Wooden round table in the interior of a small kitchen

  • Round wooden table in the interior of a classic kitchen
  1. Veneered chipboard / MDF - a common material due to its practicality, lightness, relative cheapness. Externally veneered tabletop can not be distinguished from wood. The photo below shows the popular models from the IKEA Bjurst series with a chipboard top and veneer.

Round table made of veneered chipboard, IKEA, model Byurst

  1. Laminated chipboard or MDF. Among the advantages - the budget and variation of colors. If the tabletop is made of laminated chipboard, it should be protected with a tablecloth or stand. The same can be said about laminated MDF. But MDF wins in strength and durability, but therefore more expensive than laminated chipboard.

Round chipboard dining table

  1. A natural stone - original and very beautiful, but expensive and heavy, reacting to acids and temperature drops. Some types of stone, such as marble, also absorb fat and dirt.

Marble Dining Tables

  1. Fake diamond. Easier than natural material, cheaper, more practical and even safer.

Round table made of acrylic stone

Round table made of acrylic stone

  1. Verzalit - material from pressed wood fibers with a binder of polymer resins. Externally similar to chipboard, but in terms of performance it is close to an artificial stone. It is easy to use, immune to ultraviolet and mechanical stress, therefore it is most often used for the manufacture of outdoor and restaurant furniture.

Dining table verzalita

The legs are most often made of metal, wood or polymer.

Choose the right color and design.

A round dining table should be combined with the design of a furniture set, and this is an axiom. Both the style and the color must match - if not completely coincide with each other, but harmoniously coexist.

Round table in the interior of the kitchen

Oval table in the interior of a small kitchen

The design of the legs plays a big role in the appearance of the table.

In the kitchen in a classic style, Provencal or chebbi chic A table on balusters, carved or curved legs is appropriate, as in the photo below. The legs can be forged and even rattan.

Round table in a small kitchen

Round table in Provence style

Classic style oval table

A round table on chrome-plated metal legs or wooden simple shapes will organically fit into the modern interior.

Round table in the kitchen in a modern style

Round table in the kitchen in a modern style

The legs at the round and oval table is from 1 to 4 pieces. The most convenient tables on one massive support - to sit behind him and it will be more convenient to get up.

Round and oval table on one leg

Round table on one leg in the interior of the dining room

Round and oval tables are simply made for decoration. tablecloths. They should be a lot - everyday, ceremonial, under different curtains and even seasons. So your dining area will never bother you.

  • Round table covered with tablecloth

Oval table covered with tablecloth

Capacity of oval and round models of tables

The oval-shaped table fits perfectly into a rectangular room. It will be compact, but at the same time functional - even a small model can easily accommodate 5-6 people.

Oval kitchen table for 6 persons

  • Oval table in the interior of the kitchen

The classic model in the shape of a circle will also require more than the average free area, but at the same time it will hold only 3-4 people.

  • Round table for 4 persons

Round table of standard diameter 100 - 110 cm

A table with a diameter of 100 cm will accommodate 4-5 people, and 150 cm is a sufficient area for 9 people.

Large round table for 9 persons

Is a round or oval table suitable for a small kitchen?

For small kitchen A round table is not the most rational option; an oval shape for small spaces and families of more than 5 people is more suitable. But if the round table is sliding or folding, if your family is small, and also, if you have another table (for example, in the living room) for receiving guests, then why not? The photo below shows examples of kitchens up to 10 square meters. m

Round small table in the kitchen interior

Round table in the interior of a small kitchen

Round table in the interior of a small kitchen

Folding oval table

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  1. Dav1dWebb. says

    It seems to me that it’s so great to gather with the whole family at a large round table, of course, if the kitchen is not big at all, then you should think about a table of another shape, but if the dimensions allow, then in my opinion this is the best option.

  2. gula11 says

    I prefer wooden round tables. They look much cozier and more pleasant than a table of other shapes.

  3. Andrew says

    I like the tables oval. Be sure to wood, because they convey the solidity of the room.

  4. Petro Osipenko says

    I want to note the underscore in the security article tables with rounded edges. If a child grows in a family, such a table is the best furniture for the kitchen.
    The second advantage, in my opinion, the table will be appropriate in the middle and near the window. This convenience will "play" into the hands of those hostesses who get tired of the constant arrangement of furniture. In any case, I live with this. She constantly wants to change something in the kitchen.
    And the last - nostalgia ... Yes, yes! Nostalgia of the older generation on round tables. After all, 50-60 years ago it was prestigious to have a round table in the house. Then made them with plywood table tops. And all the same in the store were recorded on the queue to buy it.

  5. Fluffy julianna says

    I always dreamed of a round table in the kitchen, this was not the case in my parents' house. Now, in my family, we have a round table in the kitchen. Here you can immediately feel the comfort and harmony. And parents recently appeared oval table. If we have a maximum of 4 people, then they have 6-8. It is from the parents that we are going to a large and friendly family. A good tradition - to gather around the round table!

  6. Annusya says

    What a variety of round tables: beautiful design, just the eyes run up - it would be difficult for me to choose one of them right away! In the living room, I would have lodged wooden, in the kitchen - from glass or plastic. I remembered my childhood! My great-grandmother had a round table with which she never parted until the end of her life (now this table is a veteran in the country). My brother and I liked to hide under this table when we came to visit (there were rods on which we sat). And bruises never stuffed - also a plus!

  7. Marina Ostapenko says

    Besides the fact that a table with rounded corners is cozy and beautiful, for a small kitchen it is also a good solution for combining a kitchen and a dining room.

  8. Alenka Pavlishcheva says

    I really like the round and oval tables, not only in the kitchen, but also in the living room. Only here for the living room is more suitable from wood, and for the kitchen I prefer glass or artificial stone. Very comfortably.

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