All the nuances of the choice of kitchen tables made of glass

Glass table in the kitchen

Glass tables for the kitchen always look weightless, far less cumbersome compared to standard plastic or wooden wood structures. They are relevant when you need to visually "unload" the space - especially if the area of ​​the room is limited.

Glass table in the interior of a small kitchen

For the manufacture of kitchen tables glass is used special - tempered, resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. So, both for the work area, where there is a lot of cooking, and for the dining room, where presentable interior is important, glass furniture is suitable for not less than traditional wooden.

Advantages and disadvantages

Glass table with wooden base

A glass dining table will allow you to create a zone of special comfort in the room. Among the advantages of such furniture:

  • stability when exposed to high temperatures;
  • moisture immunity;
  • impurities cannot penetrate the structure of the material;
  • durability;
  • safety provided by the use of special tempered glass;
  • unique, gorgeous appearance, appropriate in the interiors of all styles and combined with all materials;
  • the glass will reflect the light and visually make any kitchen more spacious;
  • in the care can be used as conventional detergents, and special, designed for glasses;
  • ecological purity - the material of the tabletop has no harmful substances or hazardous chemical compounds.

As for the drawbacks, glass dining tables have certain performance characteristics that not everyone likes:

  • stains, fingerprints may remain, and in some models crumbs and dirt may get into the joints between the table frame and the glass;

Glass table care

  • reviews on the Internet are negative - many say "sonority", the glass table seems fragile, cold and uncomfortable;
  • Also, in reviews, it is often written that transparent dining tables made of glass are not the best choice, since the legs and the floor are visible;

Glass table setting

Care and use tips:

  • Experts recommend to properly operate kitchen tables made of glass, which implies the use of substrates or napkins for dishes, cleaning with microfiber and high-quality glass cleaner.

Types of glass tables

Glass dining tables, as a rule, have a combined design. Most often, chrome or forged metal, wood, wicker, stone or plastic materials are used for the under-stand and legs. A glass frame can also be made from these materials.

The photo below presents examples of how practical glass and traditional wood can be combined in one table (scroll to the right).

  • Glass and wood table in the kitchen
  • Table of glass and wood in the interior of the kitchen

When choosing a specific design and shape of the table, much depends on the size of the kitchen. For a large kitchen or dining room suitable massive table of any shape.

  • Table made of glass and MDF
  • Glass table in the interior of the kitchen combined with the dining room and living room
  • Massive glass table

For a spacious kitchen also suitable round or oval table.

Round glass table in the kitchen interior

Round table in the interior of the living-dining room

Round table in the interior of the kitchen-dining room

However, a small family can place a round glass table of small diameter in the small kitchen.

  • Round table in a small kitchen

Round Dining Glass Table

The rectangular glass table is more compact, since one side of it can be leaned against the wall. In small or narrow kitchen such a table is more appropriate than a round or oval.

  • Rectangular glass table in the kitchen interior

White Rectangular Table

Rectangular glass table in the interior of the kitchen

In addition, if the kitchen is small, then you should use sliding structures or transforming tables with a glass top. Such folding tables when folded take up no more space than a coffee table, and if necessary, they easily change the height, turning into a full-fledged dining structure.

Dining table with glass top

If you often receive guests, but the stationary large table is not suitable for any reason whatsoever, we recommend buying exactly sliding structures. With the help of them you can easily organize a dining place for a family of 2-3 people, and then expand and double the number of seats (if necessary).

Sliding glass table

You can also choose a table with an extra bottom table top shelf. This gives additional opportunities for decoration or storage. The regiment itself is often made frosted or sandblasted.

Glass dining table with shelf

How to fit the glass table in the kitchen interior?

The kitchen table from glass can be made of transparent or tinted material. In choosing the type of surface much depends on the main interior of the room. Here are the following guidelines for choosing:

  1. In the interior in the style of Provence, chebbi chic and classic A table with wrought thin legs or a wooden base is appropriate.

Glass table in the style of Provence, Chebbi chic, classic

  1. Rustic country style can be supplemented with a glass table, if it is framed with wood, for example, aged or roughly treated, has forged legs or a wicker base.

Country Style Glass Table

  1. Traditional classic style requires the use of wood, carved stone or, as already noted, forged feet.
  • Classic-style kitchen table

Classic style dining table

  1. For modern interiors, the design on chrome legs will be an excellent choice.
  • Round glass table in the dining area
  1. Art Deco supplemented with a model with clear glass and metal legs with geometric elements in the color of gold, chrome, bronze or copper;

Art Deco Glass Table

  1. A typical option in the high-tech style can be called a model with a transparent tabletop and aluminum (chrome) legs of a laconic form. You can read about hi-tech style here.

High-tech glass table

Glass does not have to be transparent. If you make it colored, it will attract even more attention due to the glossy texture.

Colored glass dining table

The shade of the glass table top can be an accent color spot in a monochrome design or fully fit the decoration of the facades of the headset.

And choosing a material, you can give preference to clear, frosted or colored glass. Keep in mind that a matte tabletop will always be a little greenish - these are features of production. Therefore, almost always, to remove gloss and reduce transparency, they choose toning, rather than matting.

Frosted glass table and tinted glass samples

Kitchen table selection rules

Tips for choosing a glass table

Choosing a kitchen table for kitchen from glass, you should pay attention to such nuances:

  1. Fame of the manufacturer. This ensures the use of really high quality materials in the design.
  2. Reliability mounts. At the joints of glass with wood or metal, the glass must have a seal.
  3. In no case chipped are allowed on the glass, and there are no discontinuities or air bubbles inside the surface itself.
  4. The decisive factor of choice will be the design and shape - round, rectangular, oval or square, coated, matte or fully transparent, with a backing shelf.
  5. When choosing the size of the table, you need to be guided by the number of family members, while keep in mind that for one adult a minimum of 60 cm of space is required.
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  1. Galina Chernyuk says

    The glass table in the kitchen looks gorgeous. We bought the table when there was no daughter yet. When my daughter put a cup with such a sound that my heart almost stopped, we covered it with a non-woven base tablecloth. Grow up, wiser a little bit - open again.

  2. Natali Basenka says

    The biggest problem is finger spots, stains, dust. To overpower him with something? Why then need a glass table? If there are small children in the house, silicone corners are necessary. When the table is wooden, for some reason it is not so scary when the children strive to touch its corner with the head. The glass table inspires an inexplicable fear. However, the aesthetic side, detailed recommendations in the article, elegant illustrations, prevail over all fears!

  3. Igor Konovalov says

    The photos are beautiful, the text is uninformative, and in some places it is stupid, especially struck by the fact that “glass is used special - ... steady ... to moisture"

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