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sofa in the interior of the kitchen

A kitchen with a sofa is always more than just a kitchen, because it is a bit of a living room, a bedroom, and a dining room at the same time. Sometimes a sofa in the kitchen is a necessary measure, so that if necessary or every day it turns into an extra bed. In the combined kitchen or studio apartment, the sofa is placed in the living room area, it is often he who divides the space into zones. And sometimes it is put in order to rationally fill the space, to make the kitchen cozier, more convenient and more comfortable.

One way or another, but the interior of the kitchen with a sofa can not be called standard. Yes, and the sofa itself is more difficult to choose than chairs, because you need to take into account such factors as: the ratio of its size to the kitchen area, capacity and dimensions in the assembled / unfolded form, ease of transformation, availability of storage places, reliability of design, practical upholstery and pleasant design.

What type of sofa is suitable for the kitchen?

As a sleeper

If you need a sofa as the main or additional bed, then you need to choose a transforming model. There are more than 10 types of transformation mechanisms for sofas with a berth, let's take a look at some of them.

Types of transforming sofas

Sofa for kitchen with the mechanism the Dolphin
  • "Dolphin" ("Kangaroo") - sofas with such a layout mechanism, perhaps the best option for a kitchen with a berth. It is the "Dolphin" used in the construction of traditional kitchen corners. The extra bed they have easily pulled out from under the seat of the long part of the sofa. This is the best option for any kitchen, especially small. On the photo on the right there is a corner sofa for the kitchen that converts into a single bed.

Tip: in the design of high-quality and reliable "Dolphin" should be spring-closers.

  • Kitchen corner in the interior
Sofa with the mechanism of the Evroknizhka
  • Folding sofa book and its variations: "Eurobook", "Click-klak" ("Relax") and "Tick-Tac" - if you need a bed that will be laid out daily, then stop your choice on the “Eurobook” or “Click-click” - they are the most reliable and easy to fold out, and also have convenient places for storage. But the standard "books" are suitable if the "bed" is exclusively a guest and will not be laid out daily.

Advice: the “Eurobook” will be extended by using profiles, not rollers.

Sofa with the mechanism of the Evroknizhka

  • Accordion Model - A good option, as they are very easy and quick to fold, but require a lot of space in front of you.

Sofa with Accordion mechanism

  • "French cot" and "Sedafleks" - such sofas often have beautiful elegant backs, as during transformation they remain motionless, and mattresses are laid out according to the clamshell principle. They are suitable for small kitchens, as assembled take up very little space. Of these two types, Sedaflex is more suitable for regular use, but it also costs more. French clamshell fit only for guest use.

Sofa with a mechanism French folding bed

  • Least of all for the conditions of the kitchen are, perhaps, vykatny sofas - things cannot be stored in non-corner models, they are relatively difficult to fold out, and the mechanism is not the most reliable. In addition, when disassembled they require a lot of space in front of them.

Roll out sofa

A kitchen with a sleeping place can be equipped not only with a sofa bed, but also with a single couch, sofa or couch, on which you can sleep, relax and sit at the table.


Sofa in the interior of the kitchen

Sofa instead of or in addition to the chairs

If the kitchen with a sleeping place is not relevant for you and you need a sofa only as an alternative or addition to the chairs, then you can choose the following types of furniture:

  • Bench, straight or corner sofa for the kitchen, with storage boxes - the best option for small kitchens. A kitchen sofa can often be bought complete with a table and a pair of stools. Read more about dining corners and see more photos in a separate article on this topic (link below).
  • Kitchen soft corner in the interior

Banquette without back

  • Kitchen corner in the interior of the kitchen

Tip: if you often plan to use the bulk drawers under the seat, then give preference to furniture with a lifting mechanism located on the side - so the opening will not interfere with the dining table.

  • If you are relying not on functionality, but on a beautiful design, then a traditional corner sofa for the kitchen can replace a bench, very similar to a garden shop. It does not have a section for storage, but it fits well into the interiors of the kitchens in classic or rustic style.

Bench in the interior of the dining room

Upholstered bench in the kitchen interior

  • The erkerny kitchen sofa is intended for installation in the corresponding niche. As a rule, such furniture is made to order, so that it exactly matches the size and shape of the existing niche. In the photo below - the kitchen interior with a sofa in the bay window with a length of 3 m. More information about kitchen design with a bay window can be read here.
  • Sofa in the bay window of the kitchen
  • Banquettes and ottomans are the most beautiful and most often expensive type of sofa. Kitchen design with a sofa of this type will be stylish and not "overloaded".
  • Kitchen design with a sofa
  • Kitchen interior with a sofa

Banquette in the interior of the kitchen

Materials and upholstery - what to look for in the store

The most practical and stylish material for the frame remains natural wood, more precisely, its more dense and durable varieties: beech and oak, as well as birch and pine as a budget alternative. Wood must undergo a special impregnation to protect against moisture. The budget option is laminated chipboard, but keep in mind that the sofas from the chipboard have a lifespan of only 5 years.

As for the upholstery, the most beautiful, practical, and therefore the most expensive solution will be natural leather. It is easier to care for her than with absorbent tissue.

  • Leather sofa in the interior of the kitchen

The leather substitute is also distinguished by its practicality and durability, as well as external showiness - but only on condition that you choose a truly high-quality material.

Sofa upholstered in eco-leather

If the design of the kitchen with a sofa requires fabric upholstery, then you can pay attention to:

  • blended fabric made of cotton and polyester - a common version of the upholstery for modern sofas;
  • Sofas in the interior of the kitchen
  • durable, resistant to mechanical damage and impermeable flock, texture resembling suede. This type of material is also called "anti-claw";

Sofas upholstered in kitchen

  • hypoallergenic (but not water resistant) chenille;

Sofa upholstered in kitchen

  • wearproof furniture jacquard.

Jacquard upholstered bench


  • deciding to put a fabric sofa in the kitchen, take care of the effective work of the hood, so that the upholstery does not become dirty and less saturated with odors;
  • better when the kitchen sofa comes with removable covers. So you do not have to worry about the safety of the upholstery, because the covers are easily erased or replaced with new ones. In addition, the kitchen design with a sofa with removable covers can be easily changed according to your desire.

And it is also very important to choose the right filler, especially if the kitchen is arranged with a berth. It must be practical and hypoallergenic. Therefore, artificial materials are used for kitchen furniture fillers, for example, hollofiber or perfectly shaped polyurethane foam. Foam rubber in modern models is rarely used - this is a budget material, the service life of which almost never exceeds 4 years.

See also the material: How to clean the sofa and other upholstered furniture at home.

Where better to put the sofa?

You can choose the following kitchen design with a sofa:

  • The sofa dining area opposite the kitchen unit is a standard solution that is most appropriate in standard rectangular kitchens. In the photo below is an example of kitchen design with a sofa with a parallel arrangement of furniture.
  • Kitchen design with a sofa - parallel arrangement of working and dining areas
  • The corner sofa in the kitchen of a small square or with a bay window is usually placed in the corner by the window.

Kitchen corner by the window

But in some cases it can be placed against the wall opposite the window as in the photo below.

Corner sofa in the interior of the kitchen with semi-power

  • The sofa can be distinguished from the dining area, if the kitchen is spacious, combined with a balcony or has a bay window.

Sofa to relax in the interior of the kitchen

Sofa to relax in the interior of the kitchen

  • AT united kitchen or in the kitchen in the studio apartment with a sofa you can divide the space into zones - recreation and dining.

Sofa in the interior of a studio apartment

Sofa in the interior of the kitchen-living room

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