Kitchen without handles - 6 solutions for modern interiors

Kitchen without handles

Modern kitchens look much more expensive and more interesting without handles than with them. There are smooth facades and other advantages:

  • They visually facilitate a small space.
  • Handle-free facades make narrow aisles more comfortable.
  • For corner kitchen facades without handles are good because they completely exclude damage to adjacent surfaces when opening one of the corner cabinets.
  • White kitchen without handles

But is it possible to refuse pens without compromising the practicality of the kitchen? What is better to replace them? In this material we presented 6 variants of “hand-free” facades, tips on choosing accessories, as well as 50 photos of kitchens without handles.

6 solutions

Option 1. Profile hollow handles Gola

The most popular kitchen without handles is a set with Gola profiles embedded in the frame. Thanks to them, the role of handles is played by the edges of the facades themselves (lower, upper or lateral, depending on the location of the cabinet).

pros Minuses
The main advantage over the mortise profile handles is the absence of vertical joints between adjacent facades. Due to this, a kitchen with false profiles looks neater than a kitchen with mortise handles. The main drawback: the need to pull the facade, which is not very convenient and not always practical.
Open cabinets and drawers holding the edges of the facades is not very convenient, but still more convenient than doing it on the principle of push-open. The choice of profile designs for kitchen without handles is small. Most often they are aluminum with a steel finish, at least - black, white, chrome.
Facades with profiles are less stained than facades with push mechanisms, since the inside is captured, not the front of the door. Profiles are visible, especially if their hue is different from the color of the facades.
The facades under the tabletop, as well as the facades of the middle level can be captured from the bottom as well as from the top. Profiles "eat up" the useful space of cabinets and drawers.

Here are some examples of kitchen design without handles.

Handle-free kitchen design with Gol profiles

Glossy kitchen with Gola profiles

Penny-style kitchen in the Scandinavian style

Pen-free kitchen with gola profile

Gol profiles in the kitchen

Gol profiles in the kitchen

Important information:

  • Gola profiles can have built-in LED backlighting.
  • In the frameworks of kitchens without handles provide special "drank" for profiles Gola.
  • Gola profiles are aluminum and plastic. Profile length is 3-4 m.
  • Gola profiles by type of installation are different and are selected by the designer based on the configuration of the headset. Vertical profiles are designed for wall cabinets and cupboards-cases - they can be median (installed between adjacent cabinets) and terminal (installed at the edges). Horizontal profiles are also of different types: L-shaped for the facades under the table top, C-shaped for the second and next rows (they capture both the upper and lower facades), spacers for the upper wall cabinets.
Gola L-Profile

Gola L-Profile


  • If desired, the Gola profile system can be combined with the push-to-open (Hettich) or Tip-on and Servodrive (Blum) opening mechanisms. So open the cabinets and drawers will be a little more convenient.
  • Wall cabinets do not have to be equipped with profiles, you can do it easier and make the facades longer than the buildings.

Option 2.Integrated profile handles (end mortise)

Integrated profile handles such as UKW or C are similar to Gola profiles, but unlike them, they cut directly into the upper ends of the facades, and not into the frame. The visual difference consists only in the fact that the facades with mortise profiles-handles have a thin edge along the upper edge and vertical seams between adjacent cabinets.

Important information:

  • Integrated handle profiles are sold in lengths from 3 to 4 m, and then cut to individual sizes.
  • Profile handles can be horizontal (for lower cabinets and drawers) and vertical (for the facades of upper cabinets).

Below in the photo you can consider in detail the design of the kitchen with handles-profiles.

  • Kitchen with profile handles

Underframe of a bar counter with profile handles

Some more examples of modern interiors with mortise profiles.

White kitchen without handles

White kitchen without handles

  • Modern kitchen with profile handles

Modern kitchen with profile handles

pros Minuses
The main advantage of the profile handles is that they allow you to not contact with the facades, and therefore almost do not dirty them when opening and closing cabinets. At the same time, all the advantages of the absence of pens remain. If the color of the profile handles does not coincide with the shade of the facades, then they are visible, and this is not always desirable.
Profile handles are a bit cheaper than Gola profiles. The choice of profile designs for kitchen without handles is rather poor. Most often, aluminum profiles with steel finish, at least - black, white, chrome.
Integrated profile handles are somewhat cheaper than Gola profiles and pressure mechanisms, since their installation does not require frame milling.


  • Please note that the profiles of different manufacturers look different. The differences are not striking in the store, but still affect the overall appearance of the kitchen.
  • Integrated profile handles are good to use for glossy and / or dark kitchens, and also if practicality of furniture is important to you.

Option 3. Facades without handles with push-open opening mechanism

Easy pressing is all that is needed to open the facade with an opening mechanism. To close the facade, you need to lightly press it with your hand. Some systems may even close the doors themselves.

Opening-closing occurs smoothly and silently, even if you close the door with a swing. The push-open mechanism is combined with any facades: with lifts (in the photo above), and with regular hinges, and with guides.

pros Minuses
A kitchen without handles, the cabinets of which are opened with one touch, looks not just stylish, but also seems to be super tech and modern. The main drawback: when pressed, the door does not open fully, but only opens slightly. It turns out that in order to open a cabinet or drawer, you have to perform a double action, which is not very convenient and takes time.
Kitchen without handles is easier to clean: it is easier to clean the facades themselves, there is no need to clean the furniture. If you have ever dealt with metal handles, braces, then you know how difficult it is to maintain their brilliance and purity. Facades without handles are easier to maintain, but also get dirty more (and not only the facades, but also the ends of the door). In addition, the care of the mechanisms themselves requires special attention.
Only with the use of pressure mechanisms, it is possible to design a kitchen with absolutely no gaps between the facades. The mechanism can be opened by accidental pressing.
With drawers without handles there is a nuance: while one drawer is self-closing, it makes it difficult to open the next one. Of course, the waiting time is quite small, but in a hurry this factor is often annoying.
Due to the presence of the mechanism and the need for backlash for its operation, a small gap of 2-3 mm remains between the facades and the case.

Here is a selection of photos of kitchens without handles with push mechanisms.

Beige glossy kitchen without handles

Beige glossy kitchen without handles

Modern kitchen without handles

Kitchen without handles with push mechanisms

Kitchen without handles with push-open mechanism

White glossy kitchen without handles

Our advice:

Most users choose the push mechanisms of one of two manufacturers: Hettich and Blum.

  1. From Hettich: “Push-to-open” - a system with or without self-closing function, it can be mechanical or electrically operated (when the door opens / closes to the end, it recognizes objects that are interfering with it).
  2. From Blum: Tip on mechanical system and Servo Drive electric system (it allows you to open the door with a light touch of a brush or elbow anywhere).

Of course, there are many cheaper or more expensive analogues of the Push-to-open and Tip on systems. However, we recommend buying accessories from Hettich or Blum.

  • The fact is that these brands have long and well recommended themselves in the Russian market (and not only), moreover, furniture assemblers work with branded pressure systems easier and more familiar.

Option 4. Milled handles

If neither push mechanisms nor profiles suit you, you can buy kitchen from MDF with facades in which the “handles” are cut right at the ends in the form of U-shaped recesses across the entire width of the door or in the form of small recesses (their width and location may be different).

pros Minuses
More convenient than facades with push mechanism. Facades quickly get dirty from frequent touch.
Handles-grooves do not crush the facades, due to what the kitchen design seems more concise and expensive. Kitchens with milled handles are 5-10% more expensive than traditional ones.

  • Penless corner kitchen
    Handle-free corner kitchen with milled facades
  • Beige kitchen without handles
    Beige glossy kitchen Nolte with milled handles
  • Milled facades without handles
Kitchen with milled handles

Kitchen with milled handles

Option 5. Kitchen with mini-handles

Mini-handles are not installed on the front side of the facade, but on its butt and back.

Glossy kitchen with mini-handles

Facades with micro handles

Kitchen with mini handles

pros Minuses
Mini-pens look stylish and minimalist. In our opinion, they are much more interesting than ordinary staples. Capturing small pens is not very convenient. However, judging by the reviews, this statement is very controversial.
The presence of handles (although such small) allows you to touch the facades less, and therefore do not soil them.
Handles mini format can be found in the budget version.
Installing micro-pens is inexpensive, if you wish, you can do it yourself.


  • Microscopic handles only 5 cm long can be found in Ikea (Blankett series).

White glossy kitchen with small handles

Option 6. Kitchen with stealth handles

Handles in the tone of the facades are almost not noticeable, while it is convenient and familiar to open cabinets and drawers with them.

  • To implement the idea of ​​stealth pens with kitchen design You need to order the option of painting them. This service is not quite standard, but feasible, since almost all furniture factories work according to RAL or NCS palettes. By the way, you can paint any pens - plastic, wood, aluminum or steel.

Kitchen with invisible handles

General recommendations

  1. To make kitchen fronts without handles less dirty with frequent touches, rely on light shades: white, beige, light gray, gray blue, etc.

White glossy kitchen without handles in stalinka

  • A black glossy kitchen without handles is the most impractical combination imaginable. It is suitable only for those who rarely cook and have assistants to clean the apartment.

Partially glossy black kitchen without handles

  1. If you are not ready to give up handles completely, use them partially - it is best for lower cabinets and drawers, as they get dirty more than upper ones. If there is a problem of a narrow passage, then the handles should be equipped, on the contrary, the top row of the headset.

Here are some photos of kitchens with top cabinets without handles.

White glossy kitchen without handles

Modern kitchen design without handles

Modern kitchen design without handles

Kitchen with top cabinets without handles

Kitchen with top cabinets without handles

  1. You can also combine facades with fittings of different types. For example, wall cabinets can be opened by pushing mechanisms or elongated facades, and lower ones by the built-in Gola profile.
  2. Refusing to handle on the facades, an exception can be made for the built-in refrigerator and dishwasher. Since for their opening you need to make more effort, it is more convenient to open them, firmly grasping the handle.

Kitchen without handles

Photo gallery of modern kitchens without handles

A selection of photos of white glossy and matte kitchens without handles.

Photo examples of gray and beige kitchens without handles.

Beige kitchen

Beige kitchen without handles

Beige kitchen without handles

Gray kitchen without handles

Gray kitchen without handles

Photos of colored kitchens without handles.

Colored kitchen without handles

Colored kitchen without handles

Photos of black kitchens without handles.

Black kitchen without handles

Black kitchen without handles

Black kitchen without handles

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