Kitchens with MDF fronts - 10 tips for the buyer

MDF kitchen

The design and the final price of the future kitchen depends largely on the facades. Therefore, choosing a new kitchen in the cabin, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the doors and only then the frame, the filling, the accessories, etc.

For those who are planning to purchase a new MDF kitchen, we have prepared 10 main tips for her choice and a small selection of real photos to help you navigate.

Some theory about the material

  • MDF Abbreviation (MDF) stands for Medium Density Fiberboard and means “medium density fiberboard”. In short, MDF is a material of compressed sawdust “bound” by resins.

Set with facades from acrylic MDF above and shponirovanny MDF below

  • It is more correct to call MDF kitchens “kitchens with MDF facades”, because its frame, shelves and walls are most often made of laminated chipboard and, less commonly, of plywood and MDF;

Than MDF is better than chipboard and wood?

  • Variability of decoration and design (compared to chipboard). The basis of MDF can be: painted, enameled (matte / glossy enamel), covered with plastic film, veneer, patina (pictured below) and can even have a concave / convex shape and milling;

Kitchen from MDF in a modern and classic style.

Classic style MDF kitchen

  • Higher wear and tear, heat and moisture resistance, tolerance to external influences. Wooden facades can scratch, crack, crack over time, and fasteners in the chipboard doors are quicker;
  • Cheaper than wood.

What makes MDF fronts worse than wood and chipboard?

  • MDF is more expensive chipboard and weighs more, so they rarely make cases;
  • MDF is less noble and durable. The tree wins in environmental friendliness, “holds” fasteners longer and is subject to restoration.

The life of an MDF kitchen averages 10 years or more with careful operation.

10 tips for the buyer

  1. The ends are the weakest part of MDF facades and the main indicator of the quality of the kitchen. If its durability is important for you, then choose the facades in an aluminum profile or with an ABS edge (1.2-1.5 mm). Furniture of premium class should be trimmed with veneer or wood, but the worst choice would be facades with edges of melamine.
  2. A set with straight facades, located in one row, will cost less than a corner with rounded facades by 10-15%. An example of kitchen design with curved facades is shown in the photo below (scroll to the right).
  • Set with curved facades of enameled MDF
  1. When buying a headset, ask the seller what type of emission is MDF, or rather ask for certificates. Remember that the material class E1 - more environmentally friendly and high quality, but the MDF class E2 emits formaldehyde (in the open form) and is prohibited in the production of children's furniture.
  2. In the stores, you probably will like the facades decorated with “high gloss”, which is achieved in three ways:
  • by painting the MDF board with colored enamels in several layers. MDF enamelled facades - the most expensive (sometimes more expensive than the kitchen of the array), because very thermo-, wear-and moisture-resistant, durable and amenable to restoration;
  • MDF kitchen with enameled facades
  • coated with acrylic plastics. Minus - scratch, but at the same time they are amenable to restoration by polishing;

MDF kitchen with acrylic glossy finish

  • apply high-gloss PVC film.This is the most affordable option, but more than any other subject to deformation from moisture and mechanical stress.

MDF kitchen in glossy PVC film

By the way, the most popular glossy cuisines from MDF are light shades: white, beige, cream.

  1. The facades of MDF, veneered from all sides with veneer (thin cut 0.2-1 mm thick), outwardly indistinguishable from panels of wood, but more affordable. At the same time, they are more thermal and moisture resistant, although their surface also requires careful handling. This combination can be called one of the best. In the photo below is an example of a kitchen with lower facades painted with enamel and upper ones with veneer finish.
  • MDF kitchen with enamel gloss finish and walnut veneer lining
    MDF kitchen with enamel gloss finish and walnut veneer lining
  1. There are two choices in the “medium price” facade category:
  • MDF coated paper-laminated plastic products - cost a little more than film facades, but also higher in quality, more moisture and heat resistance;
  • Facades coated with paper-laminated plastic
    Facades coated with paper-laminated plastic
  • MDF products in PVC film - a few lose in terms of operational characteristics of the first option, but they are slightly cheaper and provide more opportunities for decoration and design. For example, you can choose classic facades with milling. Minus - they are afraid of high temperatures, for example, prolonged exposure to steam from a boiling kettle.

Classic-style kitchen with MDF fronts in film

  1. Finally, the cheapest option is MDF fronts with paper resin film (photo below). Such kitchens are gradually losing demand and leaving the market because of very low quality - the coating quickly cleaves and swells from the water, but with the role of a temporary or country kitchen such headsets will cope perfectly well.

Kitchen with MDF facades with paper-resin finish

  1. Keep in mind that even though MDF is considered to be a mid-level material, the price of facades largely depends on the specifics of the finish. So, MDF panels with metallic, pearl, chameleon and other effects are more expensive than natural wood facades.
  2. When choosing a set, specify whether the company undertakes to manufacture facades of non-standard sizes or only standard formats are available (usually 30, 45, 60 and 90 cm wide) for the layout.
  3. And now a little about the manufacturers. High-quality Russian-made facades are offered by well-known brands Maria, Kitchen Yard, Zov, Elt and Atlas-Lux. By the way, most professional designers work with these firms. The facades of European production are significantly more expensive, including because of their widespread fame. But we must pay tribute to them - the quality of not only the facades and their coatings, but also the chipboard frames they have is very high. Pay attention to the kitchen brands: Italian Aster Cucine, Scavolini, Pedini, Snaidero, etc. (for fans classic kitchens), Czech Hanak (decent quality and relatively affordable prices), German ALNO (for those looking for facades with photo printing and unusual effects) and Nolte Kuchen (famous for their modern-style kitchens).

Kitchen with MDF fronts

Kitchen with MDF fronts

Kitchen with MDF fronts

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