All about planning direct (linear, single row) kitchen

Straight kitchen design

Direct kitchen is the most versatile and compact, but at the same time the most uncomfortable in terms of ergonomics.

  • The fact is that with a linear layout, the cook has to make a lot of unnecessary movements along the stove, the refrigerator and the sink, which means that time and effort are wasted. And if with a small length of the headset (up to 2.5 m) the inconvenience is not too noticeable, then in a more spacious kitchen it is very noticeable.

That is why a straight line of the kitchen is, as far as possible, taken to break and position the working points (stove, sink and refrigerator) according to the triangle principle. And yet, in many cases, linear layout is the optimal solution:

Linear layout of a small kitchen

In very small kitchens, linear layout is the only option.

  • Kitchen entrance
Direct kitchen-living room with a bar

Kitchen-living room with a single-row layout and a bar

  • For those who rarely cook, for single or families without children;
  • In case the kitchen is not small, but the priority is the spaciousness of the dining room, and not the working area. Also, a single-row layout will help when, in addition to the dining room and a headset, you need sitting area with sofa;
  • Large straight kitchen
  • When the kitchen has complex features: niches, ledges (see photo below), cropped corners, uncomfortable windows / doors.
  • Kitchen with a complex layout and a direct set

Single-row kitchen has its advantages:

  • Compactness, and with it the possibility of placing in the kitchen a large table, a sofa for rest, a table-island, bar counter;
  • Ease of design;
  • Lack of corners that complicate and increase the cost of designing a headset (there is no need to think over their equipment with sliding systems or carousels);
  • The ability to make the tabletop seamless and neat.

In this article we will describe how to plan a direct kitchen in the best way so that it turns out to be comfortable and functional contrary to the rule of the “working triangle”. And here you will find 70 photos of interiors of large and small kitchens with a linear layout for the selection of interesting design ideas.

14 linear kitchen layout ideas

1. Ideally, the sink and work surface should be between the stove and the refrigerator

So you will reduce the number of extra runs with food on your hands to a minimum, and the kitchen will be as comfortable as possible. The chain of actions will look like this: you take the products out of the fridge, put them on the work surface, then wash and trim. Further from the working surface move to the plate. Having prepared the dish, use the work surface as a dispensing table, then put all the dirty dishes in the sink or PMM.

Linear kitchen layout

Proper linear kitchen layout

Linear kitchen layout

Single-row kitchen-living room

Interior single-row kitchen-living room

  • If the kitchen set has a length of up to 2.5 m, then placing the sink in the middle is not difficult and does not require lengthening communications;
  • If the kitchen is longer than 2.5 m, then the pipes will have to be pulled from the sink to the riser. At the same time, the drain pipe should be installed with a slope of a couple of centimeters per meter of length.

And one more nuance.If you place the refrigerator separately from the kitchen furniture, it is advisable to place it as close as possible to the sink.

  • The minimum allowable distance from the sink to the refrigerator is 40 cm.

And what to do if it turns out to put the refrigerator only next to the stove? In this case, the main thing is to observe the gap between the appliances of at least 20 cm. Otherwise, the refrigerator will heat up from the stove and will soon be out of order.

Direct kitchen in Khrushchev

Design direct kitchen in Khrushchev

For details, see the material: How to arrange the refrigerator in the kitchen

2. Depending on the size of the kitchen, the gap between the sink and the stove should be at least 40 cm and not more than 180 cm

In this case, keep in mind that if you place a work surface between the sink and the stove, then its length should be at least 60 cm, and better - 90 cm (see photo below). A distance of more than 90 cm will make the kitchen less comfortable.

Small straight kitchen in Khrushchev

Design a small straight kitchen in Khrushchev

3. Combine the headset with a window sill

Often even in tiny kitchens in Khrushchev linear layout can be transformed into a corner, if you attach a window sill to it. So you can increase the work surface and create additional storage spaces. Here is a selection of photos of direct kitchens with built-in window sill.

Linear kitchen with attached window sill

Sink under the window in a small kitchen

Sill-tabletop in a small kitchen in Khrushchev

Sill-tabletop in the kitchen in Khrushchev

Direct kitchen with attached window sill

Also, the window sill can be converted into a bar counter and even completely replace the dining table (see the article for more details: All about planning and arranging the kitchen window sill-countertops).

Direct kitchen with window sill-bar counter

Direct kitchen with window sill-bar counter

4. Line up the high headset

To increase the number of storage places, design your headset with an extra top tier (or even two tiers). There you can keep things that you use infrequently, and / or hide the air duct.

Kitchen with extra tier

5. Embed drawers on base

If the kitchen is small, even the basement should be taken under storage, having built in it a couple of draw-out boxes. They are very convenient to store pans, rolling pins, baking molds, textiles and other small items.

  • Boxes in kitchen bases

6. It is desirable that the lower tier of the direct kitchen consisted mainly of drawers, and not cabinets with doors.

Then you will not often have to bend over and sit down to get things from the farthest corners - the entire contents of the box will be visible.

Drawers in the kitchen

7. Placing a stove or sink in the corner, do not forget to protect the wall adjacent to it with an apron

It will look something like this photo example.

Apron in the straight kitchen

8. To increase storage capacity, install wall cabinets or shelves above the dining table.

And so that the kitchen does not seem cluttered, decorate the interior mainly in bright colors.

Narrow linear kitchen

9. Comfortable distance between the kitchen and the dining table is 120 cm.

However, in very small kitchens, a distance of 100 cm is permissible.

Kitchen with a linear layout

Kitchen with a linear layout

10. Choose a technique of reduced size.

To fit everything you need in a small straight kitchen and save precious centimeters, choose narrow appliances, for example:

  • Dishwasher 40-45 cm wide, instead of the standard 55-60 cm. This model is suitable for a family of up to three people;
  • 55 cm wide fridge - it will save at least 5 cm of space, but practically does not lose in spaciousness, due to the increased height of the camera;
  • Small capacity refrigerator, for example, 120 liters as in the photo below - allows you to build an oven over you;

Built-in mini-fridge in the interior of the direct kitchen

  • Plate with 2-3 burners. For a family of 5 people, a stove with three burners is enough, and for small families, bachelors and couples, mini-cookers for 2 burners will do;
  • The oven is 45 cm wide and even with a built-in microwave function.

11. If space permits, supplement the direct kitchen with an island or peninsula.

If a hob is built into the peninsula / island, a “work triangle” will work and the kitchen will become very convenient. As for the exhaust, for a city apartment above the island / peninsula you can retire hood recycle type.

Direct kitchen with a peninsula with a stove

Single-row kitchen layout with a peninsula with a stove

However, an island / peninsula, even without a stove / sink, can make a single-row kitchen more convenient and functional: it can play the role of both a chopping table and a bar counter, create additional storage places and delimit the space into zones, for example, working and dining rooms or kitchen and living room.

Direct kitchen with an island

  • It is necessary to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter between the set and the island / peninsula, otherwise it will be inconvenient to move around the kitchen and open the lower drawers / cabinets.
  • If there are not so many places in the kitchen (kitchen-living room or kitchen-studio), the island should prefer a more compact peninsula, which rests against the wall with one end. Around the island, wide passageways are needed on all sides.
Direct kitchen with a peninsula

The interior of a small straight kitchen with a peninsula

12. Use a mobile cart or table.

If the kitchen is too small to fit an island or a peninsula, use a mobile cart. Despite its compactness, it is very roomy and can be used as an additional portable "cabinet", and as a work surface (if it is a trolley-table).

  • Mobile storage trolley
    Mobile Ikea Storage Trolley

Mobile desktop

Mobile desktop

Mobile desktop

13. Facades in the tone of the walls will create the illusion of invisibility.

Kitchen furniture as if merges with the wall and visually becomes less cumbersome. Another way to “unload” the small kitchen is to pick up the facades of the headset in white, possibly with a glossy surface or glass inserts.

  • White straight kitchen
    White straight kitchen

14. In the large kitchen, a direct suite can be supplemented with a block of cupboard cases.

In addition to storage shelves, you can build in a refrigerator, oven, microwave, washing machine.

Linear layout of a large kitchen

Block with small cabinet cases

Direct kitchen with small cupboards

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