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kitchen table made of artificial stone
Stone kitchen tables - the fundamental basis of the interior
Artificial stone is an ideal material for the kitchen table top. It can not be distinguished from the natural, while performance is even better. We understand what is Korian and Staron. What other types are there and what disadvantages does a table made of artificial stone have?
Glass table in the kitchen
All the nuances of the choice of kitchen tables made of glass
The glass table has many advantages and advantages over the traditional wooden table. For example, it almost does not scratch and is more suitable for small kitchens. And yet the glass has disadvantages. Let's see how practical and reliable this material is, how to choose the size, shape, design and how to fit the glass dining table into the kitchen interior.
the size of the bar counter for the kitchen
Bar counter dimensions
Why are the most optimal sizes of a bar counter for a kitchen - 110x50x120 cm, and the height of chairs is 75 cm? We explain and show later in the article.
Plastic countertop in the kitchen
7 Tips for Choosing a Plastic Countertop
Learn 7 tips on how to choose the perfect kitchen worktop from laminated chipboard, read the review of the pros and cons of the material, as well as the rules of operation and maintenance.
Assembling a kitchen corner set
Features self-assembly kitchen corner set
Did you know that you can not only buy a kitchen in the salon, but also do it yourself 2 times cheaper even if you are not a professional furniture maker? We present you instructions, a selection of useful links and training videos, and the most interesting is real photos of homemade headsets with cost estimates!
Corner kitchen design
Perfect corner kitchen: 100 photos and 11 design tips
Extendable fittings in the corner cabinets, the installation of a window sill in the set, narrowed sidewall - tell you how to plan the corner set in the best way. And here you will find 100 photos of small and large kitchens with L-shaped layout.