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How to store fruit in the fridge
12 tips on how to keep food fresh longer and stop throwing them out
They say that about a third of the purchased products we throw in the trash. Just imagine how much money we are losing and how in vain we use the resources of the planet. In this article you will learn how to extend the freshness of products and properly organize storage in the refrigerator.
How to store fruit
How to store fruit at home - general principles, a memo and photo ideas
A dozen apples, a bunch of bananas, a pound of peaches and a couple of lemons - how to keep a week's supply of fruit wholesome and fresh? What can be beautifully folded in a vase on the tabletop, and what is best stored in the refrigerator? How to store bananas so that they do not blacken and speed up the ripening of unripe apricots? We understand these and other issues later in the article.
How to get rid of midges in flowers
Here you will find 3 step-by-step instructions that will help get rid of larvae and adult blackflies in indoor flowers, as well as folk insecticide recipes from home or natural remedies.
How to get rid of bugs in the kitchen?
The article contains a step by step guide on how to get rid of bugs in the kitchen forever, a description of preventive measures and rescue of potentially contaminated products, as well as photos of the most common pests.