How to quickly clean the kitchen hood and its filter - 7 best ways

The more often and better the extractor (captures odors, products of combustion, evaporation and fat), the faster and stronger its filter gets dirty. Over time, the grid is so clogged that its air flow becomes minimal. Moreover, large fat deposits can cause a fire.

  • That is why you need to wash the hood at least once every 2-4 weeks. By the way, most modern models signal the need for cleaning through special sensors on the display. For example, it may be a burning grille icon or the letter “C” (on average, it is displayed every 60 engine hours, but the frequency can be set independently).

Fortunately, cleaning the hood is not so difficult, especially if you have Dishwasher.

In it, a dirty filter can be washed for 1 cycle at maximum time settings and a temperature of 60 degrees.

Dishwasher hood filters

If you don’t have a dishwasher, or if it wasn’t able to clean the filter from old-fashioned fat (this happens often), then you will get 7 simple but super-effective tricks from our article. We will also tell about how to wash the body of the kitchen hood itself with grease, dust and soot.


Before cleaning, remove the filter from under the dome. First remove / raise the front panel of the hood, then remove the filter from the rails by unlocking the latch. To prevent the filter and panel from falling down, hold them with your hand.

Method 1. How to wash the filter in a soap-soda solution

In fact, one and all manufacturers of hoods recommend cleaning the filters and front panels with only mild soap means (for example, dishwashing liquid). However, as practice shows, the “official” method does not always work, so we suggest enhancing its effectiveness with food grade soda or soda ash.


  1. Pour hot tap water or boiling water into the sink or bucket. The hotter the water, the more efficient the cleaning.

Cleaning the extract in soap-soda solution - step 1

  1. Add baking soda (1/4 cup) and a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the water. Stir the solution with a spatula (not with your hand!) To form a foam (scroll to the right to see all the steps in the photo).
  • Cleaning the extract in soap-soda solution - step 2
    Step 2
  1. Completely immerse the grease filter in the solution and leave to soak for 10 minutes.
  2. “Scrub” the filter with a not too hard sponge / brush, then wash as usual, rinse thoroughly and dry with a towel.
  3. Place the filter back under the dome hood.

Tip: This method works almost always, but in difficult cases, instead of soaking, it is worth boiling the grill in the same soap-soda solution for about 5-10 minutes.

Exhaust filter

Method 2. How to clean the hood in the kitchen with a perennial layer of fat by means of blockages

This method is the most radical and is suitable only for the most neglected cases when the hood has not been washed for several years.


Important! Manufacturers of the equipment do not recommend using this cleaning method more than 1-2 times over the entire service life, as the pipe cleaning agent is a caustic that can corrode the aluminum grid if you overdo the solution or use it too often.

You will need:

For one large filter or two small, you will need 2-3 small packets of dry powder or about ½ cup of liquid from clogging. Also prepare a baking sheet and boiling water. And, of course, do not forget to wear rubber gloves and open the window leaf!


  1. Place the hood grate in a baking tray and pour boiling water / hot water over it (it should lightly cover the filter).
  2. Evenly sprinkle / pour from blockages on the filter. Hold it in the resulting foam literally 5-10 minutes.

  1. Rinse the filters several times under running water.

Method 3. How to clean the exhaust hood with a grease remover (for difficult cases)

Another radical method of cleaning the hood is a grease remover or oven cleaner. For example, it could be Bugs Schumann, Bugs Giant, Shimmering Kazan, Oven Cleaner from Amway and others. Do not forget to open the window and use rubber gloves!

Filter cleaning


  1. Apply an exhaust filter.
  2. Put the lattice in the bag (!) To prevent the spread of acrid smell in the apartment.
  3. After 10-15 minutes, wash the mesh as usual and rinse thoroughly.


  • If you have children or pets, then it is better to use a cleaner for ovens from Amway, since it almost does not smell and works more efficiently than its counterparts. True, it is sold only through brand dealers or in the company's online store.

Amway oven cleaner

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Method 4. How to boil the filter in soda solution

Persistent old fat deposits on the kitchen hood filter can be removed with the same soda, but by boiling.


  • Boil water in a large saucepan.
  • Pour soda into boiling water: about 1 cup into a large pot, 1/2 cup into a medium pot.
  • When the soda dissolves, reduce the heat, put the filter into the solution and boil it for 10-15 minutes, until the pollution loosens.
  • Wash the pan in the usual way.

In this video, you can visually see how to clean the fat extraction filter using this popular method.

Method 5. How to wash the hood with soap

Laundry soap perfectly copes with fat, especially in combination with hot water.


  1. Heat 2.5 liters of water in a saucepan / basin.
  2. Half of the soap (72%), grate on a medium grater and add to the heated water.

  1. When the soap is dissolved, remove the pelvis from the fire, immerse the filter in it and leave to soak for 10-20 minutes.
  2. Wash the grill as usual.


  • The same soap solution can wipe the hood body.
  • To increase the effectiveness of the soap solution, add a couple of tablespoons of baking soda.

Method 6: How to clean the exhaust filter with 9% vinegar


  • Dampen a rag in vinegar (9%) and wipe it abundantly in all contaminated areas.
  • Leave the filter soaked for 7-15 minutes.
  • Wash and rinse the mesh as usual.

Tip: Before cleaning open the window and wear rubber gloves.

Method 7. How to clean the hood with lemon


  1. Peel 1-2 lemons from the peel and cut into halves.
  2. With the pulp, rub the surface of the grill and, if necessary, the hood body. Let the lemon juice work for about 5-10 minutes.
  3. Wash and rinse the grill as usual.

Tip: in case of strong contamination of the lattice, it is worth soaking it in a solution of citric acid for several hours, and preferably at night. By the morning your grille will be like new!

How to wash the hood body

So, with the cleaning of the grease filter, we figured out how to properly wash the hood body? After all, it is also covered with a persistent greasy bloom, dust and soot.

Hood cleaning

In fact, all manufacturers prohibit washing the case with anything other than neutral products. Categorically can not be used:

  • Alcohol-based cleaners and even more so as solvents, as stainless steel or lacquering can dim because of them.
  • Use aggressive cleaning agents (scale dissolving agents, clogging products, abrasive powders and pastes, grease solvents, chlorine, acids and soda).
  • Use hard sponges and brushes.

What then remains? We recommend using dishwashing liquid or laundry soap. The main thing is to prevent moisture from getting inside the case, into the control panel and the display.

Prevention Tips

  • Try not to delay the washing of the filters, as the fat tends to harden with time, after which it becomes difficult to wash it.
  • After cleaning the filters, you must reset the working hours counter hood. How to do this - read the instructions of your device.
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  1. Olga.Niko says

    If the kitchen gas stove, like me, then the hood must be cleaned regularly. Of course, you should not bring the radical method, but use soap or soda.

  2. lina lan says

    My hood often. Basically I wipe the hood with a cloth
    moistened with warm soapy water, and then wipe dry. Yes, and very
    my lattice is also hot with soap and water. So what the hood looks like
    always neat and tidy.

  3. avu says

    If you follow the instructions, there is nothing difficult in cleaning the hood, everything is quite simple and clear. Now we need to accustom ourselves to the fact that cleaning the hood is a regular procedure.

  4. sergei says

    quite often I clean the hood that is constantly dirty and all the time in fat. And as I have two hostesses, it is constantly necessary to adhere to cleanliness. It is good that there are special cleaners instead of soda.

  5. Andrew says

    Without periodic cleaning of the hood, it simply stops working. For quick cleaning I use a metal brush.

  6. Nata says

    We use the hood for many years, so boil the filter in
    water with the addition of soda accounted for. When lightly contaminated, it is easy to clean.
    sponge with liposoluble agent, and when strong only by boiling.

  7. Tatyana says

    Guys, you know, I somehow didn’t ever have to wash and tear off the hood from fat, this is what our grandmother always did, and she had a chance to soak the net from the hood of the usual Coca Colai that I think each of us uses, and ultimately the fat then lagged behind perfectly, and this idea came to her after she decided to wash the gas stove with the same drink))))))

  8. Valentina Osmerka says

    This is all nonsense, you need to clean the engine of fat, and I constantly wash the filters. How to clean the engine of fat, it is not protected except filters, and for 7 years there is a lot of fat on the ribs of the motor and on the body. That's the problem.

  9. Mishorskaya harbor says

    After cleaning it is useful to put the filter in the soap solution and let it dry without washing. The film formed on the filter will facilitate the fight against fat during the next cleaning.

  10. Ed says

    Hood stopped working. I had to disassemble completely. Screw the engine rotated very tight. It became clear that the reason is stuck in fat. I disassembled the engine, took out the core (rotating top), washed the axle and sprinkled the WD-40. The body and all contaminated parts of the hood soaked in soapy water.

  11. Evgenia says

    I am afraid to use strong chemistry in the house, and even more so in the kitchen, I specifically chose a product with a safe composition, I have an Israeli Unicum grease remover, I clean them all in the kitchen, where I see that the fat is already stuck, and it is inexpensive.

  12. FAIK says

    your govnosayt impossible to read with so many ads

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