White apron - the perfect solution for any kitchen

White apron in the kitchen

Bright kitchen apron looks stylish and fresh, beautiful and modern. The kitchen apron serves to protect the walls from dirt, soot and moisture. A bright finish has several advantages:

  • This is a universal solution for a room in almost any style: hi-tech, nautical, Provence, Scandinavian, Italian, classic, etc .;
  • White color visually expands the space, so light aprons are especially needed. in a small kitchen;
  • The covering of a fragment of a wall of such color looks very stylish, especially if all the rest of the space is decorated in bright colors. A snow-white apron for a white kitchen is monochrome, which will not go out of fashion for a long time;
  • Such a neutral background can be easily updated with decorative stickers or photo printing;
  • This color is combined with all the other colors, so you can safely change the kitchen set, wallpaper, floor tiles, table and chairs;
  • White color is perfect for decorating the kitchen as an auxiliary, and as the main;
  • Each interior designer knows that any (bright or dark) kitchen utensils, dishes and textiles on a white apron look better than on any other. It is not by chance that in advertising for shooting various goods they often use a light background.

There is such an apron and disadvantages:

  • Light surface requires more thorough care;
  • Not everyone agrees that white kitchen is cozy, sometimes people associate this color with hospitals.

In this article we will talk about what materials can be made kitchen apronsWhat are the pros and cons of popular materials, what styles are suitable for each of the proposed options.

Ceramic tiles: classic home comfort

Attention: tile is an excellent option for a kitchen: it is easy to clean, durable, resistant to moisture, grease and resistant to abrasion.

There are several types of tiles and several ways of laying.

  • Glossy brickwork - This is a traditional way to design an apron: small rectangular tiles that imitate a brick create the illusion of a solid wall covered with fresh, clean paint. Such design of the wall looks inconspicuous, beautifully and harmoniously fits into the interiors in the styles of Provence, Country, Scandinavian, classic, Art Deco, Loft, etc. Decorated with an appropriate ornament, such an apron would be appropriate in the kitchen in the style of "eco", modern, vintage, retro, etc .;

apron in the kitchen of ceramic masonry

Such a decoration can be supplemented with a snow-white set or with furniture of natural shades (olive, all woody notes, light blue, beige, golden, sand), and pale pink, light gray or light-purple furniture will be appropriate.

  • brickwork in the design of the apron in the kitchen
  • Combined method masonry suggests that part of the "bricks" will be laid in the traditional way, and some - vertically or diagonally.With the help of "wrong" laid tiles, a small muralVertical stacking is also used to highlight the top or bottom of the apron. This variant of laying is both classic and unusual;

Combined laying in the design of the apron in the kitchen

  • Square tile: large enough tiles evenly cover the wall above the sink, work area and hob. This design method is suitable for interiors in the styles of “minimalism”, English, eco, retro, etc. Small square tiles will be appropriate in the kitchen in the style of "country", "Provence", "Pin-up", etc .;

Square apron in the kitchen

  • Piling Herringbone: thus the rectangular tile is laid. Such an apron will overlap with the parquet, laid in the same way, and will give completeness to the design of the kitchen. This type of design is suitable for both classic (“Provence”, “retro”, “vintage”, “pin-up”, etc.), as well as for modern kitchens (“Art Deco”, “Modern”, etc.);

Christmas tree laying in the design of the apron in the kitchen

  • Zigzag: it is like a herringbone shear. Ideal for modern cuisine in the styles of "pop art", eclecticism, fusion, etc. This design will refresh and rustic cuisine or European.

laying zigzag in the design of the apron in the kitchen

Relief (or bulk) tile

Relief tiles can imitate stucco patterns, brick or stone texture, abstract floral patterns or geometric patterns.

Relief tiles for the apron in the kitchen

  1. Molded patterns - chic and luxury. This is a suitable option for cuisine in the styles "Empire", "Baroque", classic, Greek, Gothic, Romanesque.
  2. Brick or stone - natural and simple. Such a kitchen apron will look organic in the kitchens in cozy rustic and fashionable modern styles “loft”, “modern”, “techno”, etc.
  3. Vegetable patterns are natural beauty: eco-style, Biedermeier, etc.
  4. Geometric patterns - conciseness and severity. This design is suitable for Japanese style kitchens, "Modern", "minimalism" etc.

Glass aprons - style and beauty

Glass aprons (skinali) look very beautiful, visually expand the space due to the reflective effect, easy to clean.

glass apron in the kitchen

Skinali can be divided in several directions:

  • Glossy and matte;
  • Smooth and textured;
  • With a drawing (photo printing, sandblast drawing, a poster or photo between 2 glass surfaces) or without it;
  • The white apron can be saturated white, or it can be translucent (milky, creamy, shade of a sea shell, etc.).

Skinali harmoniously fit into the space of the kitchen in the styles of "hi-tech", "techno", "futurism", "minimalism" - in those directions where smoothness and smoothness of the lines, reflecting surfaces and modern appearance are appropriate.

Tip: this finish will be combined with plastic kitchen furniture with closed facades.

Mosaic Apron: Unique Charm

To create a mosaic panel above the working area and sink means to make the kitchen amazingly beautiful and original. Even monochrome white mosaic decoration will look elegant and unusual.

mosaic apron in the kitchen

Mosaic can be from a variety of materials:

  • Ceramics;
  • Glass;
  • Mirror;
  • Smalt (stained opaque glass), etc.

Such an exquisite design of the apron will be appropriate in the kitchens in the style of "eclectic", "retro" and "high-tech" (mirror tile), ethnic (patterns of light mosaic of different shades), etc.

The harsh beauty of the stone

Stone apron looks very respectable and stylish.

  • Marble is the most luxurious of white materials for a kitchen apron. This finish looks gorgeous and elegant. This is an ideal solution for interiors in the style of "baroque", "empire", "classic", Greek, expensive variations on the theme "rustic", "modern", etc .;

marble apron in the kitchen

Tip: If the marble does not fit into your budget, then you can decorate the kitchen with lithoceramic (composite tile). This combination of ceramic base with a layer of natural marble is beneficial and beautiful.

  • In addition to marble, the kitchen can be finished using other types of stone (granite, limestone, etc.).Stone apron organically fit into the interior in the style of "rustic", eco-style, English, Greek, "loft", classic, etc.
  • stone apron in the kitchen

Details in the material: Guide to the choice of artificial and natural stone for finishing the apron

Practical plastic

Plastic apron in the kitchen

This is a fairly common option for wall decoration in the working area of ​​the kitchen. Plastic is inexpensive, easy to maintain and looks almost as relevant and modern as glass or ceramic.

This is a great option for modern kitchens ("hi-tech", "techno"). It is permissible to use plastic coatings for kitchens in the styles of "retro", "pin-up", and stylization under the "rustic".

This apron goes well with plastic, metal and wooden furniture.

The natural simplicity of the tree

Kitchen apron made of wood, painted in white, looks amazingly cozy and pleasant. This is the best option for all rustic styles ("Country", "Provence", Russian style etc.) as well as eco-style.

  • wooden apron in the kitchen

Attention: if the kitchen has a rustic stove or gas stoveWood panels need to be treated with refractory compound.

This design is perfectly combined with wooden furniture and ceramic elements of decor, as well as with bright fruits and flowers. Kitchen set and table top can be either white or natural color or combined (for example, the vertical surfaces are light, the horizontal ones are dark).

Exquisite mother of pearl

Pearl apron in the kitchen

Ceramic tiles or glass with pearlescent will give the kitchen a unique luxurious look. The glitter of mother of pearl is a sophisticated luxury and original tenderness.

This apron will look organically in combination with furniture of light gray, beige, cream, milky, soft pink, sandy shades. Low-key metal fittings harmoniously complement the combination of mother of pearl and pastel colors.

  • pearl apron in the kitchen

This option of finishing an apron is suitable for a kitchen in the sea, antique, French, Mediterranean style.

The kitchen apron of white color is a stylish and most universal option of registration of a working zone. White color, depending on the shade and colors with which it is combined, can make the interior of the kitchen more restrained or, on the contrary, give brightness. It can make classic cuisine exquisite, and country style interior in a simple way. Whatever kitchen you have, a white apron will be the perfect complement to it.

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    Especially ideal kitchen "apron" of white color (from any material) will fit where it will be combined with furniture or walls. If the kitchen is white and the floor, then all will be gorgeous.

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