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Heated floors for the kitchen
Heated floors for the kitchen
The article contains an overview of the pros and cons of cable, rod and film underfloor heating, as well as a selection of videos on their own installation.
Ceramic kitchen floor tiles
All about ceramic floor tiles in the kitchen
We are preparing for the purchase of floor tiles for the kitchen - we get acquainted with the quality indicators and draw ideas of the design of tile floors from the selection of interior photos.
Porcelain tiles in the kitchen - 99% perfect floor
We answer the questions: how does porcelain tile differ from ceramic tiles? What's better? What are its pros and cons? What types, sizes and design are there? How not to get lost in the store and how to lay a tile of ceramic granite with your own hands?
parquet on the kitchen floor
Floorboard in the kitchen - all the pros and cons
It is considered to be impractical to lay the floorboard in the kitchen. How fair is this? We understand the pros and cons, compare the floorboard with laminate and find out what affects its price. Choose a suitable breed of wood and see photos of the floors in the interior.
kitchen floor in bulk
Self-leveling kitchen floor
The advantages of self-leveling floors. Terms of surface preparation for the application of such a coating. How to work with the composition for self-leveling floors. How to decorate the coating. Photo polymer floor in the interior.