How to choose baseboards for the floor - 50 photos and a guide to choose

How to choose a plinth

Floor plinths for an interior are as a frame for a photo. They can either spoil everything, or harmoniously complete the interior decoration and even visually correct some of the room’s flaws. And, of course, baseboards are needed to mask the wires and the joints of the walls with the floor. We tell and show on the example of 50 photos, how to choose a baseboard for the floor in color, shape and material.

Plastic plinth in the color of the floor in the interior of the bedroom

Plastic plinth in the color of the laminate in the interior of the bedroom

Part 1. How to choose floor baseboards by color

How to choose the color of the plinth? Here are 5 principles used by designers (the list is sorted by decreasing degree of popularity, click on the rule you are interested in to start reading immediately, or simply continue in order):

The following rules are also allowed:

  • In the tone of any element of the interior (curtains, carpet, furniture, etc.)
  • In tone with the rest of the stucco elements in the room
  • Plinth as an interior accent

Principle 1. Plinth for the floor in the tone of the doors and / or door trim

This is the first decision that comes to mind when choosing the color of the plinth for the floor. And it really works almost always, regardless of whether the elements are of a contrasting or neutral color. This rule is especially relevant if:

  • Doors and / or door trim contrasts against the background of the walls and the interior as a whole, and they need to fit harmoniously into the space;
  • The flooring, doors and baseboards have already been selected, but baseboards cannot be combined with doors. The problem is solved as follows: only door door trims are selected or painted to match the baseboards.

Speaking of door frames. We hurry to make a small clarification:

Skirting boards for the floor must match the color of the door trim, but with the doors themselves - not necessarily. So, for example, the door can be bright, and baseboards and platbands can be neutral in color, say, white or in tone with the walls.

  • Plinth in the color of the door
    Is it true that the baseboards need to be selected under the doors? The answer is: true, but with a slight clarification. Plinths for the floor most likely to pick up the tone door trim

Here are a couple of photos of floor plinths in the color of the doors in the interior.

Baseboards in the color of the doors in the hallway

Plinths in the color of door trim in the bedroom

Design tip:

  • The most traditional decision which never bothers and fits practically into any interior: doors, platbands and baseboards in white. Below is a small selection of photos of white plinths in the interior.

White plinths and door trim

  • White baseboards and trim

White floor plinths, door trim and doors are a universal and win-win solution that always adds space to lightness and, at the same time, ennobles it. Contrary to popular myths, it is also very practical.

Principle 2. Plinths in floor color

Another obvious principle for choosing a plinth is the color of the floor. In theory, this solution seems simple, but in practice you can encounter two problems:

Problem 1. It is difficult to choose a baseboard in the color of the floor with a 100% match. With that, even a small raznoton turns out noticeable, somewhat disturbing the overall harmony of the interior.

Decision: It is best to choose a plinth and floor covering from the same collection of the manufacturer. So pick up the plinth to laminate flooring, linoleum, ceramic tile or cork floor will be quite easy.

PVC plinth in the color of the kitchen floor

PVC plinth in the color of laminate in the kitchen

Problem 2: How to join the baseboard in the color of the floor with doors and platbands of a different color, especially if they are already installed?

Decision: If the shades of the doors, the floor and the baseboards are similar or just blend well (see photo below), then the situation is quite acceptable. And if not, then you can save the situation by painting / picking up only the trim panels in tone with the baseboards and floor. If the door completely knocks out of the interior, then it must be supported by adding furniture or decor of the same tone.

Door and baseboards of different colors

Here is a small selection of photos of plinths in the color of the laminate in the interior.

Baseboard in the color of the floor in the living room

Baseboard in the color of the floor in the living room

Plinth in color of a floor

Plinth in color of a floor

Plinth in laminate color

Plinth in laminate color

Principle 3. Plinth in the color of the walls

A cool solution if:

  • If a the room has low ceilings, the baseboards painted / matched to the walls will visually make them taller. So this technique is often used in the design of low apartments in the Khrushchev (in the photo) and other panel houses.

White kitchen 5 square. meters in Khrushchev

  • If you want to create an ultramodern or minimalist interior, “invisible” baseboards will not crush space once again.

Baseboard in wall color

  • If the walls in the room have different colors, then the skirtings matched to them in tune will accentuate the color block effect.

Plinths in the color of the walls in the kitchen

Floor plinths in the color of the walls

  • Wallpapers will look even more spectacular if the edging of the floor has the color of an element of the pattern.

Plinth in the color of the wallpaper pattern

Plinth for a floor in color of walls

Plinth for a floor in color of walls

But how then to be with door frames and ceiling plinths? They can be universal white, painted / matched to the walls, repeat any color that already exists in the interior (for example, the color of the floor, curtains, etc.).

  • Plinth for the floor in the color of the walls in the interior of the kitchen

Plinths in wall color and white trim

Design tip: If you are ready for bold decisions, then you can paint in the color of the walls not only baseboards, but also door trims, doors and ... furniture.

Baseboard in wall color

Principle 4. Skirtings on the tone darker than the walls.

This technique is non-trivial, but it is suitable even for the most classic and traditional interiors. It is good in that it can emphasize the interesting color of the walls, create the illusion of higher ceilings, facilitate the already overloaded with contrasts and color space.

Skirtings on the tone darker than the walls

  • Skirtings on the tone darker than the walls

Skirtings on the tone darker than the walls

Design tip: If you paint to match the plinths for the floor and the ceiling cornice, the interior will be doubly effective.

Floor and ceiling plinths are darker than walls

Principle 5. Plinths in the tone of window frames / slopes

If the window frames have a color that is expressive or contrasting with the interior, the edging of the floor can support them.

  • Plinths in the interior

Design tip: It is logical to complete the picture by selecting the doors with platbands to match the baseboards and window frames.

Part 2. How to choose a plinth by type and material

Now let's talk about the practical side of the issue. Which skirting is better to choose? The main thing you need to decide is the material. Here are the main options:

  • PVC;
  • Polyurethane;
  • MDF;
  • Solid wood;
  • Bung;
  • Metal;
  • Ceramics.

Let's look at each type of plinth in more detail.

Option 1. PVC plinths

PVC skirtings are the best skirting boards for economy-repair, repair of removable housing, balconies, villas and verandas. After all, they are the cheapest, but at the same time wear-resistant workhorses. And most importantly - they are suitable for not perfectly smooth walls. Especially good PVC plinths combined with linoleum and laminate.

PVC plinth in the kitchen interior

Price per meter: from 35 rubles

Options: flexible (soft), with cable channel, self-adhesive, with rubberized upper edge.

Designs: under the tree (about 30 shades) with a matte finish and laminated.

Installation: glue method or using screws (secret mounting).

pros Minuses
The lowest price Simple and ordinary look. Create a designer interior with plastic baseboards will not work
They are not afraid of high humidity, therefore they can be used both in kitchens, and in bathrooms, on verandas Over time, they can move away from the wall. The weak point of plastic baseboards - in the outer corners.
Wear resistant It is not always possible to find a plinth of the desired shade and with a suitable pattern
You can choose together with the laminate from the collection of the manufacturer Dents and scratches may appear, especially they are visible on dark plinuts.
Assembly and disassembly, fitting and trimming are very easy. Corners of plastic plinths never match the pattern and tone with the baseboards themselves by 100%
Thanks to its low cost, the plastic baseboard can be easily changed as needed.
Due to the fact that the PVC plinth is hollow inside, it can hide not one but several wires at once

PVC baseboard in the color of the floor in the hallway

PVC baseboard in the color of the floor in the hallway


  • If the walls are not perfectly smooth, you should choose baseboards with rubberized edges. With them it is easier to achieve a tight junction to the wall;
  • PVC plinths are desirable to buy with laminate;
  • If high white plinths do not fit into the budget, pay attention to high PVC plinths as in the photo below (sold in building hypermarkets);
  • When buying PVC plinths, make sure that all products are released from the same batch. The fact is that due to the peculiarities of the production, the same baseboards from different batches are always slightly different in tone. This may not be noticeable in the store, but the difference will be visible in the edging of the floor.

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Another "trifle" about which not everybody thinks 🙁 Plinth ☝🏻 But this is a very important detail! This is the edging of the material used! It's like a beautiful collar on a jumper, white cuffs or neat stitching on the pants! Without a decent decorated edge, even expensive material may look like "nothing" ((And vice versa))) In my opinion, the best option for a plinth is polyurethane (it can be painted in any color and it is impact resistant). The cost of 1000 rubles per 2m. And on the photo of his plastic replacement - 170 rubles for 3m. It’s not the same thing, but it’s much more budget and better than usual 😬 This is my find All appearances are passwords in Direct п # plinth # polyurethane plinth # plastic plinth # repair # design

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Option 2. Polyurethane skirting

Another type of plastic plinth, but much nicer and more beautiful. It is combined with all types of flooring.

Polyurethane baseboard

Price per running m: from 200 rub.

Options: standard solid, flexible (heated by a building dryer and takes the rounded shape of a wall / column), with a cable channel.

Polyurethane baseboard

Installation: glue way, wide skirtings can be further planted on the screws.

pros Minuses
Increased fracture strength High price
Service life 30 years There may be small dents from strong blows with vacuum cleaner, mop, feet.
They are not afraid of high humidity, therefore they can be used both in kitchens, and in bathrooms, on verandas Over time, gaps may appear in the joints, if the walls are very curved, as well as if the glue has failed, or if the installation is of poor quality.
Unlike solid wood baseboards, it does not crack, does not swell and does not shrink when the indoor climate changes
As a rule, polyurethane skirtings are sold in white color, already primed and ready for painting.
Externally, polyurethane baseboards are indistinguishable from painted MDF or wood baseboards. They have a beautiful relief and shape, can have different heights.
Polyurethane plinths do not have seams due to the fact that the joints are glued together with adhesive glue and easily puttied
Suitable for non-perfectly smooth walls (unlike MDF and wood counterparts)
Assembly and disassembly, fitting and trimming are easy.


  • Polyurethane baseboards are flexible enough to fit to curved walls. But for reliability in the process of installation it is worth preloading.
  • Polyurethane baseboards are very similar to products from duropolymer. What is the difference? Duropolymer is harder and more durable than polyurethane, but it has a simpler shape with minimal decor and, moreover, less suitable for non-perfectly smooth walls.

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Good morning. 👋 Not so long ago I had a post about a duropolymer baseboard and you really liked it. This baseboard really deserves attention and I think about it I will write more than once. Scroll through the photo, but does it really look gorgeous? ☺️👍 (In the photo, the 12 cm high plinth is Wallstyl). 🤓Today I want to touch on some of the nuances of mounting the baseboard. 👉Plintus attached to the walls with glue. I used in this apartment glue Perfect and FIX. For joints there is a special docking adhesive. Another indispensable attribute is white acrylic sealant - it is very convenient for them to wipe small crevices at the joints, which will compensate for minor irregularities of the walls. It is more convenient to arm with two pistols under the glue and under the sealant. I always use disposable cloths in a roll, if you moisten them with water, it is very good to wipe off sealant and excess glue. On the next to last photo, my entire inventory, so as not to soil the floors and move comfortably, is better to use a piece of cardboard. But the most basic question is how to cut this plinth. 🤔 I saw it with a miter saw with a disk on laminate. I heard many times that it is impossible to saw it by trimming as it is melted. Yes, it really melts, if you cut it smoothly slowly, but if you do it clearly and quickly, then the cut is very even, the main thing is to fill the arm. 👉 In general, successful installation, but what would not bother and do not waste time call me for installation. By the way, I installed about 60 meters in this apartment, we also laid the laminate a few weeks earlier. Wash customer everything is very even ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Have you had any difficulty with the installation of plinth? Navigation # all_pro_plinth #roman_objects # getting ready_to_watching # plinth # plinth # baseboards # duropolymer # repair # finishing apartment # finishing # laminate

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Option 3. Skirtings from MDF

Plinths from MDF are, perhaps, the best plinths for a laminate and a parquet.

Price per meter: from 170 rub.

Options: laminated, painted, veneered (they can not be distinguished from wood, but they are more practical), with a cable channel.

MDF plinths

MDF plinths

Installation: glue way, wide skirtings can be further planted on the screws.


pros Minuses
MDF is stronger than plastic and polyurethane High price
Material stability regardless of indoor climate change Installation of floor plinths from MDF should be done by a professional who has a special saw in his arsenal.
The price is lower than the wooden plinths Over time, gaps may appear in the joints, if the walls are very curved, as well as if the glue has failed, or if the installation is of poor quality.
Withstand small drops on the walls, as they bend a little MDF plinths with laminated film are not resistant to surface damage
The joints of MDF plinths can be carefully puttied with putty
Externally, MDF baseboards are indistinguishable from wooden counterparts
Environmental friendliness
Most MDF baseboards are already painted or finished with melamine film

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Good morning. And again we choose the plinth. One of the varieties of quite popular plinth is MDF plinth. In fact, it consists of a base - compressed sawdust, on which a paper with a pattern and a protective film are pasted. MDF plinth responds to changes in humidity, so in rooms with high humidity it is not used. For mounting such skirting now offer a lot of different mounting brackets, which are boring to the wall, and the baseboard snaps on them.Personally, I don’t like this way, since on most clips it keeps badly, it doesn’t fit snugly to the walls and to each other, and if it touches it can completely fall off. I prefer to glue it on. 🤔 In order for such a plinth to look presentable we need smooth walls and the floor itself. 👉 It is necessary to select a baseboard under the door trim, and not under the flooring, then everything will look harmonious. Think over what kind of plinth you will have at the stage of rough work. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ❓ Your experience of using and installing such a plinth is interesting. What was it for? If the glue is on what? Navigation # all_pro_plinth. . # repair # plinth muscovite # plinthsnapolny # decorating the house # plinths # plinths # repairmans # plinth # finishing # floors # repair

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Option 4. Floor skirtings from LDF (from Ultrawood)

LDF (light density fiberboard) - This is an eco-material made of pine fiber from the variety Radiata, eucalyptus and resin binders. Baseboards from LDF produce only brand Ultravud (USA).

Price per running m: from 230 rub.

Installation: on screws or glue.

Ultrawood painted plinth for the floor

  • Ultrawood painted plinth for the floor
pros Minuses
LDF is light but firm, does not crumble when cut, easy to cut and self-assembled. High price
Material stability regardless of indoor climate change Painting required
Environmental friendliness Compatible with straight walls only.
Variety of designs No flexible baseboards
Joints of skirting boards made of LDF can be carefully puttied with putty
Moisture resistance (can be used in wet rooms)
Products are already primed and prepared for painting.

Option 5. Solid wood

Wooden plinths are the most expensive and they are intended at most for the same expensive flooring - wooden and stone. However, they cannot be called the best in quality.

Wooden plinth for a floor

Prices: from 230 rub.

pros Minuses
Durability with proper wood quality High price for good quality wooden baseboards (from precious woods - beech, oak, ash)
Environmental friendliness Dimensional instability due to changes in air temperature and humidity level in the room, and therefore the risk of cracking and bloating of baseboards, as well as the appearance of cracks in the joints
Beautiful appearance, compatibility with wooden floors Only suitable for perfectly flat walls!
You can run into fakes - baseboards glued together from several layers of wood, which eventually begin to stratify
Dentures and scratches quickly appear on the plinths of soft wood
The complexity of installation. The installation of wooden plinths should be done by a qualified master.

  • Wooden plinths in the living room in Khrushchev
  • Wood baseboards


  • If the plinths of valuable wood do not fit into the budget, there is a solution: floor plinths made of MDF or pine / spruce with veneer.
  • To make sure that the wooden plinths were conscientiously sawn in the winter, and not in the summer, check their wrong side. When detecting blue spots from the purchase must be abandoned.

Option 6. Metal

Metal baseboards are an excellent choice for modern interiors, say, loft style, high tech, minimalism. Most often, metal baseboards are made from anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

Aluminum baseboard

Aluminum baseboard

Prices: from 200 rub.

pros Minuses
Durability (service life is more than 30 years) High price
Moisture resistance (can be used in bathrooms, in kitchens) Only suitable for perfectly smooth walls.
Impact strength and kink Limited choice of designs, suitable only for modern interiors
State of the art design May be scratched
Ability to hide multiple wires at once Corner joints are made overhead corners, which somewhat spoils the look of the edging of the floor and complicates cleaning

Part 3. How to choose the height of the baseboards for the floor

The height of the baseboards plays a big role in the perception of the interior. The choice of height depends on the height of the walls and the width of the door trim. Here are some practical recommendations (but not strict rules!):

  • If the walls are low (up to 2.5 m), then you should choose baseboards up to 5 cm.

Low white plinths in the interior

  • For walls of medium height (2.6-2.8 m) it is better to choose narrow floor baseboards with a height of 7-13 cm.
  • If the ceilings are high (more than 2.8 m), then you can choose baseboards above the average - for example, 13-23 cm.

Tall white baseboards for the floor

And one more tip: the wider the eaves, the smoother the walls and the floor should be and the greater the risk of seeing gaps in the joints in the future.

Other tips

  • Skirting boards for painting can be painted with almost any paint. The main thing is that they are waterproof.
  • It is recommended to paint the floor plinths for painting prior to their installation.
  • Skirtings for the floor can be painted independently (it is cheaper and even a beginner can do it) or order painting at the place of sale (this will be more expensive, but easier).
  • Remember that skirtings can always be returned within 14 days after purchase, for example, if they did not fit in shade.
  • If ceramic tiles are laid on the floor of the bathroom or kitchen, the plinth can also be made of ceramic tiles.
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