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Sink made of artificial stone in the kitchen
Kitchen sink made of artificial stone - 8 tips for choosing
They say that about 60% of kitchen work falls on the sink, so it should be super practical and also beautiful. It seems that washing from an artificial stone is what is needed for the kitchen, but there are several “pitfalls” in her choice ... In this article you will learn 8 main tips on how to choose a really good sink, how to properly care for it and in which In any case, it is worth choosing a stainless steel sink.
Sizes of kitchen sink
All about the size of the kitchen sink
What size should an ideal sink be, so that in the process of washing dishes the water does not splash, the clothes do not soak, and the trays and pans easily fit? We answer this and other common questions about the size of kitchen sinks.
How to choose a sink for the kitchen
Choosing a kitchen sink in 5 easy steps.
We are getting ready to buy a kitchen sink and find out why we need to bring a magnet to the store, what depth the bowl should have so that water does not splash when washing dishes, and what are afraid of washing from artificial stone later in the article.
corner sink installation
Corner kitchen sink - selection and installation
Corner set becomes at times more convenient when paired with an angle sink. And for a small kitchen, such a blow is completely necessary. What you need to know before buying a corner sink, read further in the article.
Kitchen sink installation
Installing the kitchen sink - instructions, tips, video
How to choose the kitchen sink and prepare the necessary tools. The main construction types of sinks. Rules for the installation of mortise and overhead structures. How to carry out work with washers of complex shapes and from non-standard materials. Connecting the car wash.