How to decorate or hide the pipeline in the kitchen

How to decorate pipes in the kitchen

Typical kitchen layout necessarily includes open piping. These are gas, water, sewer and heating communications, which can be arranged so as to spoil the most modern and impressive design. There are several ways to decorate such pipes, but in pursuit of a stylish appearance, one should not forget the safety principles.

We hide the pipe during installation

For plumbing and sewage pipes, concealed wiring would be the most appropriate method. That is, we hide the strut in the specially made shtroby, passing on the floor and wall. The grooves of the required size are made using a perforator, then the pipes are inserted into them, and the remaining space from pipe to wall is covered with a putty solution.

To close the riser in this way, you need to follow the basic recommendations:

  • Drain pipe must pass below the water supply;
  • If the pipes are horizontal, then the cold is on the left and the right is hot;
  • Sewer pipes are placed with a slope towards the riser: for diameters of 32-50 mm - 2 mm per linear meter, for products with a diameter of 90 mm - 3 mm.

Making a drywall box or wardrobe

Plasterboard design can be called universal - it is easily mounted anywhere in the kitchen and can be of any shape and size.

Attention! In order to close the gas pipe, this option will not work. After all, a gas leak is possible - it can accumulate in a closed space, which will lead to an explosion. The gas service, which monitors the operation of the respective pipelines, categorically does not allow its complete isolation.

how to hide pipe with drywall

Among the advantages of drywall boxes - ease of installation and relative cheapness. It can be trimmed in any way, so this is one of the best methods to hide pipes for any room. By the same principle, you can create a structure not from GCR, but from chipboard, plywood or plastic.

To hide the riser in such a box, you need to do the following:

  1. A frame is constructed from metal profiles or bars. The guide profile of the frame is installed along the wall parallel to the pipes - so that at least 10 cm remains between them.
  2. The joints of profiles horizontally and vertically necessarily strengthened.
  3. The frame must be fixed in 3 places - at the junction of the sheets, on the floor and on the walls. This allows you to provide the necessary rigidity.
  4. The previously cut drywall pieces are attached to the mounted frame.

How to hide the gas column and pipes in the cabinet

You can hide the pipeline behind kitchen furniture. In this case, cabinets are installed without rear walls - this will allow access to communications at any time.

But with a gas column, the situation is not so simple. As mentioned earlier, for security reasons, it is best to come to terms with it and not to close it.But in the pursuit of a neat appearance, the owners often hide the column in the closet as shown in the photo below:

How to hide a gas column and pipes - an example before and after

If, after all, you decided to build a gas water heater in a cabinet, then this is how you can / cannot do it:

As you can and can not hide the gas column in the closet

Photo 1. A bad example, since the cabinet is closed at the top and bottom, although there is a space between the walls of the column and the cabinet.

Photo 2. This method is already better, since the water heater is partially open and the cabinet is wider than the column.

Photo 3. It looks very neat, as the cabinets here are almost the same size as the water heater itself, and its white color does not discord with the kitchen. The frontal, upper and lower part is open, but on the sides the distance is rather small.

Photo 4. The best option, since the column is open (a small cabinet with a trellised facade) and practically merges with the light wall.

In general, with a strong desire, the column can be moved to the corridor, but for this it must meet the following requirements:

Moving the gas column from the kitchen to the hallway - basic requirements

  • The transfer of the column must necessarily be coordinated with the gas service, which may deny you. For example, in the houses of the old stock and in apartments with very old columns, transfer is unlikely to be approved;
  • Dismantling and installation is carried out only by experts;
  • Keep in mind that this service will have to pay a lot.

Moving the gas column from the kitchen to the hallway - nuances

But the proof of how the most ordinary water heater can fit into the most ordinary apartment, for example, in the Khrushchev.

Kitchen design with gas stove
Kitchen design with gas stove
Kitchen design with gas stove
Kitchen design with gas stove

If you are in the stage of repair, you don’t want to transfer the column and still choose the color of the walls, it is best to paint the walls in light color and the cabinets also choose white. The column in this case will not spoil the look of the kitchen, and light walls and furniture also visually increase the space. This is how the white water heater was inscribed into the interior of the kitchen by Julia and Denis, living in the house of the old foundation in St. Petersburg.

Kitchen design with gas stove
Kitchen design with gas stove

Another trick is to choose not only white walls and furniture, but also white hood.

White water heater and white hood in the interior of the blue kitchen in retro style

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Decor options

It often happens that the pipes run along the wall along the entire length of the room or are located in the area of ​​the kitchen apron. It may also be necessary to hide the battery, or it is interesting to beat the riser using a suitable decor.

Here there are several options for interior solutions:

  1. If the pipes pass in the immediate vicinity of the working area, then the best decor for them is rail system. Roof rails are a suspension system with many different shelves, hooks and necessary kitchen appliances. To turn the riser into a railing, it must be carefully cleaned and painted with a paint that imitates stainless steel. Then the necessary fixtures are placed near the pipe - do not forget that nothing can be hanged on the communication.
  2. The battery and pipes can simply be painted in the color of the walls.
Pipes in wall color

  1. Thick pipe can be decorated with interior mosaic or artistic painting.
  2. It is possible to wrap designs with artificial flowers, tow, multi-colored threads - it all depends on the style of the kitchen.
Pipe decor in the kitchen

  1. A nice option is obtained if you use decoupage decor. You can choose any motif corresponding to the existing interior, as well as make the surface shiny or matte.
Decoupage pipes in the interior

  1. So you can decorate and battery - it is clear that the work should not be carried out in the heating season. The order of work here is the following: first, the pipe is protected and carefully painted, after which the napkin with the chosen motif is glued on the PVA. After drying the napkins, the resulting pattern is covered with a layer of special varnish.

How to hide the battery screen, cabinet or box

For heating pipes, all these decor options will also be appropriate. But you can hide them in a box or drawer.

In the photo below, the master did his own hands and hid the battery in the closet, and made the window sill a continuation of the tabletop.

How to hide the battery in the cabinet with your own hands

There are also special screens for radiators. They are not difficult to make and do it yourself. And if you make a drywall niche, the battery will turn into a shelf.

Decorative screens for batteries and radiators
design of decorative screens for the battery and radiators
design of decorative screens for the battery and radiators
design of decorative screens for the battery and radiators

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