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How to choose a mixer
Mixer Guide
We are preparing to buy a mixer for the house, find out the difference between the mixer and the blender, find out which device to choose - stationary, manual or planetary.
How to choose a washing machine
Guide to the choice of washing machine-automatic
We are getting ready to purchase the perfect washing machine in 7 steps: we understand the difference between different types of machines, learn to “read” the markings, watch a comparative video review
How to place a washing machine in the kitchen
All about placing the washing machine in the kitchen
Placing a washing machine in the kitchen is usually a necessary measure. However, you can easily get used to it and equip the "kitchen-laundry" without compromising the comfort and beauty of the interior. The main thing is to find a suitable place and pay attention to details.
Design and renovation of the kitchen with gas stove
Hide, move or disguise? And can be used as the main decoration of the interior? We find out what can be done with a gas column, as well as how to properly plan the repair and kitchen design with such an uneasy structure.
How to choose a multicooker
Multivark selection guide
Find out why you need a multicooker and how to choose it correctly with the help of 12 of our tips, a selection of videos and useful links
How to choose a juicer
Juicer Step-by-Step Guide
Which juicer is better - centrifugal or auger? What should I choose lover of apple or tomato juice? Which car is more suitable for a gourmet or working mommy? We understand these and other issues later in the article.
Choosing a gas oven for the kitchen
Choosing a gas oven - crib for the buyer of 7 steps
We find out why it is better to choose a gas oven with convection, which functions are imperative and which ones are desirable, which grill makes it tastier and how a gas oven is worse than an electric one.
6 factors you need to know before buying a microwave
What you need to know about the microwave oven before buying? Is it true that it is harmful to health? How much microwave is needed for your family? What functions are there? We understand these and other issues later in the article.
dishwasher sizes
Common dimensions of dishwashers
How to choose a dishwasher with the size and capacity of sets of dishes. How to determine the optimal size and type of machine for the needs of your family.