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How to place a washing machine in the kitchen
All about placing the washing machine in the kitchen
Placing a washing machine in the kitchen is usually a necessary measure. However, you can easily get used to it and equip the "kitchen-laundry" without compromising the comfort and beauty of the interior. The main thing is to find a suitable place and pay attention to details.
Choosing a gas oven for the kitchen
Choosing a gas oven - crib for the buyer of 7 steps
We find out why it is better to choose a gas oven with convection, which functions are imperative and which ones are desirable, which grill makes it tastier and how a gas oven is worse than an electric one.
dishwasher sizes
Common dimensions of dishwashers
How to choose a dishwasher with the size and capacity of sets of dishes. How to determine the optimal size and type of machine for the needs of your family.
dishwasher connection
Dishwasher installation and connection rules
Connect and install a built-in, stand-alone and compact dishwasher with your own hands. Connecting the mall to the sewer and water supply. Installation of the facade for the embedded model.
dishwasher rules
We use the dishwasher correctly
On the one hand, the principle of operation of the dishwasher is intuitive. On the other hand, without knowing the rules for loading dishes, without reading instructions, without understanding programs and detergents, it is possible to detect stains, scum inside the machine and other problems. After all, this irreplaceable assistant has its own secrets and rules of use that must be followed.
How to choose a gas cooktop
How to choose a gas hob - 5-step guide for the buyer
Prepare for the purchase of a built-in gas hob and find out which surfaces and grids are the most practical, which burners are the most powerful and which little things you should pay attention to when buying.
oven installation
Himself a master - install the oven
You can install and connect the built-in oven yourself. It is not difficult, but requires care and compliance with safety rules. How to do it correctly and just read further in step-by-step instructions.